The standoff between Cherif Mellal and Yazid Yarichène for several weeks within JS Kabylie continues. This Monday, September 13, it almost took alarming proportions. The two protagonists accompanied by their collaborators met at the club headquarters, where the tension rose several notches.

This Monday, September 13, 2021 promises to be crucial for JSK. Yazid Yarichène and his close associates had announced that they would go to the club’s headquarters to take up their duties as the new leadership of the Kabyle team.

That’s what they did. After moderating a press briefing in which they said they represent the legitimate leadership of the club, they headed to JSK headquarters to introduce themselves and settled there as the new leadership.

On the spot, however, they find Chérif Mellal and his collaborators who were waiting for them with the firm intention of not letting their “adversaries” enter. Talks began in the presence of a large crowd. An eclectic atmosphere reigned over the premises.

According to a press release made public this evening by the management of Chérif Mellal, a meeting was then held at the club office between on the one hand the director general of the SSPA / JSK, Nassim Benabderahmane, the lawyer Meftah and the other of the representatives of the leadership of Yazid Yarichène.

The meeting ended in a fishtail. According to the same press release, Cherif Mellal’s collaborators requested “supporting documents proving the induction into the headquarters” of Yarichène and company. In fact, Mellal and his family, who do not recognize the legitimacy of Yarichene and his team, demand “an executive decision of justice” to leave the premises. Thus, the situation remains unclear within the most successful club in Algeria.