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Élie Korchia, the new voice of the Jews of France, expresses his concerns about Eric Zemmour’s remarks. Guest of the morning of Europe 1 Thursday, the new president of the central Consistory deplores “the way” of the polemicist of the right of the right “to review History, and I am nice, I could say to falsify History sometimes , for someone who is very keen on it “. If Élie Korchia refuses to qualify Zemmour “anti-Semite”, he is alarmed by the statements of the polemicist who refer to Charles Maurras, father of French Action, or Maurice Barrès, figure of French nationalism.

On Europe 1, Élie Korchia, also lawyer of Samuel Sandler, grandfather of victims of terrorist Mohamed Merah in Toulouse in 2012, underlines that he was faced with the words of Eric Zemmour when the essayist questioned the choice of the burial place of the victims, in Israel. “There is a historical truth that must be maintained,” he recalls. Samuel Sandler’s children and grandchildren “were the lookouts of the Republic, who fell in front of a school gate. Father Jonathan Sandler, who was a teacher, had returned to Toulouse to give his city what he had. could learn “, supports Élie Korchia.

“This type of controversy is not there to bring the French together. It is made to divide them and in addition, it is based on purely erroneous, even false, elements, since he had even said that the assassin, the terrorist, had not been buried in France. He had been in Algeria, which is totally false “, he adds, before asserting:” Our public debate deserves something other than this type of bad buzz which is not just our country “.

The president of the Central Consistory also questions the comments of the polemicist on the Dreyfus affair, Marshal Pétain or the Shoah. “Resuming themes that do not need to be in 2021, it is an insult to the past, to history, and to divide society”, he assures us. “To hear these words (…), it is shocking”, continues Élie Korchia. “We do not have the right to return to such serious themes to try to falsify history, and to insult those who are survivors of the Shoah. This type of controversy must absolutely be driven out of our country.”

For the time being, Eric Zemmour has not declared himself a presidential candidate. If the president of Crif Francis Kalifa launched an appeal “so that there is not a Jewish voice” for the potential candidate Zemmour, Élie Korchia specifies that for him, “there is no Jewish vote”. The president of the central Consistory insists all the same that he will fight “the declarations, the themes of rejection or which do not conform to the values” that he carries.

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