“Turkey is invincible! We haven’t forgotten, we won’t forget! It was through a sixteen-second video posted to his Twitter account on Wednesday morning that Fahrettin Altun, the communications director of the Turkish Presidency, kicked off the celebrations that accompany the anniversary of the coup d’etat of July 15, 2016.

Five years ago, while head of state Recep Tayyip Erdogan was on vacation in Marmaris, a coastal town in the southwest of the country, a group of Turkish military personnel from © deploys military vehicles on the bridges of Istanbul. The putschists plan to bomb the Parliament, the Presidential Palace and the headquarters of MIT (the Turkish secret service).

But the president manages to mobilize his supporters, called to take to the streets, and to abort the military operation. In total, more than 250 people died and 2,700 injured.

Man attempting to stop coup tanks survives twice after two tanks run over him in Istanbul #Turkey pic.twitter.com/74NB0NzD0A

Then begins an unprecedented purge in the army, justice, universities and the media. Erdogan accuses his enemy Fethullah Gülen, an exiled preacher in the United States, of having instigated the coup.

Thousands of soldiers are sacked. Political and intellectual opponents are imprisoned. Only the supporters of a hyperpresident, re-elected in 2018, remain.

Turkey has the ability “to find and destroy all kinds of threats to the integrity of its homeland, the unity of its nation and the survival of its nation. State ”.

In 2017, July 15 became the Day of Democracy and National Unity in Turkey. A day of nationalist propaganda, intended to glorify the Islamo-conservatives in power, who knew how to play the coup attempt.

On Wednesday, for the occasion, the authorities inaugurated a digital exhibition in the Yenikap? Metro station in Istanbul. The exhibition traces “the victory of the nation against the attempted coup d’etat of July 15,” describes the President’s Communication Department. Photos, videos, holograms, are presented to the public to celebrate the “martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the nation”.

“360 Digital Exhibition of Resistance Rising with Prayers – Triumph of National Will: July 15” organized by @Communications for July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day opened at Marmaray Yenikap? Station. The exhibition can be visited until August 8.https: //t.co/amisTHlfov pic.twitter.com/vnb3NkILkx

Throughout the day, the national news agency Anadolu, often described as the executive’s propaganda body, has chained up reports testifying to this fact. ??? a facade of unanimity against the coup leaders of 2016: “The leader of the Turkish opposition celebrates the fifth anniversary of the failed coup d’etat © “, one could read,” The world supported Turkey after the coup of 2016 “,” Turkish companies express their unity five years later the failure of the coup d’etat  ”â ?? ¦

TRT, the Turkish public broadcasting service, also under the boot of power, pays tribute to national heroes, such as Omer Halisdemir, a sergeant killed during the military uprising.

July 15 marks the 5th anniversary of failed coup attempt in Turkey. We visited the hometown of sergeant Omer Halisdemir, who paid with his life to destroy the plans of coup plotters.https: //t.co/MAIRu9Eh2d

“Ã ?? lightning speed, Halisdemir emerged from his hiding place and shot [Samih] Terzi, the main military asset of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization, ”read the website by TRT. The sergeant did not survive: he took twelve bullets in the back before being finished off by a putschist. Throughout the day, programs in praise of the martyrs will occupy some Turkish television stations.

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