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This was assured by the chairman of Comelec, Sheriff Abas, in an online press conference on Friday, October 8th, at the end of the submission of the certificates of candidacy (COCs) for the elections in May 2022.

“The rules for the substitution are fixed, unless otherwise changed. But that’s unlikely. We assure you that we will not change the rules in the middle of the game. Rest assured that Comelec will be very firm, “he said.

” The thing you are all worried about is not going to happen with this Comelec en banc. We assure you that we will be very fair, “added Abas.

This amid rumors that Davao City’s presidential daughter and Mayoress Sara Duterte will be replaced as presidential candidate.

In the resolution No. 10717 said the Comelec that a candidate from a duly registered political party or coalition who dies, resigns or is disqualified for any reason after the final day for filing COCs can be replaced with a candidate who is to and from the same political party or coalition nominee.

The electoral body said a replacement for a candidate / candidate who has died or has been disqualified by a final judgment can submit a COC until noon on election day.

Previously, Comelec said – Spokesman James Jimenez that a substitution should no longer be allowed due to a resignation after November 15th.

“If you make a substitution You must submit the name of the substitute player by November 15th. After that, only one involuntary substitution is allowed, ”he said.

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