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Friday, October 8th, is the last day the submission of Certificates of Candidate (COCs) for the elections in May 2022.

As the last day, the Election Commission (Comelec) decided on the submission procedure for national and local offices.

Comelec spokesman James Jimenez said based on Resolution No. 10717 when at 4:45 pm. On the last day of the submission of the COC, there are still aspirants in the designated queue area who intend to submit their respective COCS, the incoming officer must:

– List the names of the aspirants one after the other and indicate the time of the listing. Only those with full COCS are listed.

– Announce the names of the aspirants in the order in which they are listed. Once the name is provided, the aspirant must proceed with the submission of the COC. Failure to call the name may result in non-acceptance of the COC.

The Comelec said that the same procedure should be followed if at 5 p.m. On the last day of the submission of the COC, there are still aspirants within and within 30 meters of the designated queue area.

It added that a COC submitted under this procedure will be stamped “received” at the time of its actual submission and as Filed on time applies.

Meanwhile, Comelec said that the final day to file a request for correction of typographical or typographical errors in the name to appear on the official ballot will be November 8, 2021.

The polling panel announced that the tentative list of candidates will be published on the Commission’s website at and in the offices where the COCs will be submitted from October 29, 2021, for the names to check who appear on the official ballot.