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The election commission (Comelec) reported a 52 percent turnout in her internet election test run abroad.

In a press conference Sonia Bea Wee-Lozada, Director of Comelec – Office for Overseas Voting (OFOV), expressed the hope that the polls of May 2022 will also lead to the same result .

“That looks promising, because traditionally we never go beyond 50 percent when it comes to voters who actually vote abroad d have voted. Historically, it has always been below 40 percent, ”she said on Monday, September 13th

According to Comelec, a total of 669 qualified test voters have registered to take part in the campaign. Of these, there were 348 actual voters for a turnout of 52 percent.

The first test run for internet voting overseas started from September 11th to 13th with the Voatz voting system.

Although the Comelec has not yet given an official assessment of the activity, Lozada personally finds the system efficient, convenient and safe.

“As a test voter, I think it is efficient in the sense that it did not take much time compared to the traditional voting “, she said.

Lozada said it was also safe because the voter was not exposed to other people.

” This is how we imagine it, especially for the vote abroad. For seafarers who may not be ashore during the voting period, the internet voting system would be very convenient and efficient for them, “she said.

” Also for OFWs who may not be able to take a day off to attend a message or to visit a consulate, or who find it expensive to travel to the nearest polling station, “added Lozada.

Comelec will ensure that foreign voters use the internet voting system in the 2025 elections.

On On the basis of Republic Law No. 10590, the Commission may consider other more efficient voting systems for registration and voting on site and remotely, “whether paper, electronic or internet-based technology or any other latest technology available”. Submission of reports and recommendations to the joint congressional oversight committee.