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The Election Commission (Comelec) has issued a resolution in representing various law enforcement agencies of the government in the conduct of the national and local elections in May 2022.

In resolution 10743 promulgated on December 16, the Comelec is established under Article IX-C, Section 2 (4) of the 1987 Constitution empowered to represent law enforcement and government agencies only to ensure “free, orderly and honest” peaceful and credible e Elections “.

Section 1 lists the tasks and functions of the Ministry of the Interior and the Local Government (DILG) and the National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM), which ensure the security of polling stations, polling centers / voting centers, voting and consolidation centers and similar other locations or buildings, including election supplies, equipment, forms and materials used in connection with the election.

They are also responsible for Comelec staff, their deputies and other persons performing election-related functions to protect and to send troops for election service in coordination with the respective regional returning officer, state returning officer and election officer.

He also mentioned the investigation into the existence of an armed group that was organized to commit or to commit terrorist acts or to do so tries to commit, or threaten, intimidate or coerce anyone for or to vote against a candidate and to suppress or prevent said acts of terrorism or threats.

You are also empowered to provide security escorts to candidates, subject to the conditions and limitations of Comelec Resolution No. 107281, which stipulates the Prohibited the carrying of firearms and other deadly weapons and the use of security guards or bodyguards.

Comelec also pointed out the roles and functions of other law enforcement agencies, including the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, the Bureau of Corrections ( BuCor), the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and various departments of the executive branch.