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The Election Commission (Comelec) said a nationwide rejection of the Elections of May 2022 are unlikely.

“Unlikely. If we say that we cancel the elections, it means that the conditions for free and fair elections are not in place. If you have an increase, it is not the case “People have to be extra careful, yes. But it does not preclude the possibility of holding free and fair elections, so it is unlikely that we will not do elections.” ht will be held, “said Comelec spokesman James Jimenez in a press conference in Manila on Monday, November 29th.

” It is possible that there is only one possibility that your election inspectorate is affected by COVID in one place and none If there is a replacement, then it is possible to cancel the elections in that particular area, “he added.

” In addition, area cancellations are still possible. Individual cases can be considered, but a nationwide cancellation is unlikely, “said Jimenez.

He assured that Comelec is very careful and takes all things into account.

“Candidates with moto proprio cases (for declaration as annoying candidates) 82 for the president, 15 for the vice president and 108 for the senator,” said Jimenez.

He also stated that the electoral body The aim is not to reduce the number of candidates, but to remove those candidates who are troublesome or illegitimate.

Section 69 of the Omnibus Electoral Code states that the Commission may, ex officio or at the verified request of an interested party, refuse or cancel a candidacy on time.

This is the case if proven that the electoral process is mocked or discredited, or that voter confusion is caused by the similarity of the names of the registered candidates, or by any other circumstance or act that clearly shows that the candidate has no honest intention to run for office.