Has the Presidential majority chosen its camp for the Republican Congress? In recent days, Edouard Philippe and GÃ © rald Darmanin – right-wing defectors converted to macronism – have both mentioned, in rather favorable terms, the candidacy of Eric Ciotti, located at the right wing of LR.

“Eric Ciotti is undoubtedly the most sincere person in this debate”, advanced for his part GÃ © rald Darmanin, guest this Monday on BFMTV. “I won’t be surprised if he not only makes the second round but wins the primary election. He’s the man who looks the most consistent with all that he has been saying for 4 years. (…) I don’t have the impression that he is lying to LR members. “

These words are surprising. The parliamentarian is the one, among the candidates for the congress, to have the most politically marked proposals. He proposes for example the creation of a “French Guantanamo” as well as the end of the right of the soil while claiming the very contested notion of “great replacement”, also put forward by Eric Zemmour. The deputy also declared that he would vote in the second round for the controversy in the event of a duel against Emmanuel Macron on Public Sénat last October.

The victory of Eric Ciotti at the LR Congress would however be good news for the President of the Republic.

The presence of the deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes on the starting line for the Elysée could also accelerate the departure of some elected officials from the party towards the majority, like Renaud Muselier. After having first announced his rallying to Xavier Bertrand while specifying that in case of victory of Eric Ciotti, he “would go directly to Macron”, the boss of the South Region. Paca finally slammed the door on his political family.

“Eric Ciotti also has a merit: that of not being Xavier Bertrand,” said Jean Garrigues. If the Republic in motion judges the president of Hauts-de-France as a serious opponent for Emmanuel Macron, credible on legal, economic and social issues, Eric Ciotti mainly focuses on migration issues.

The President of the Republic has also been constantly in recent weeks to multiply the trips in Hauts-de-France and to put on the scene. Last episode of this rivalry: a strong handshake between Emmanuel Macron and Xavier Bertrand, after a tense exchange.

“They do not have such a different political position,” analyzes Isabelle Veyrat-Masson, research director at the CNRS and specialist in political communication for BFMTV.com. “It won’t necessarily be obvious to center-right voters how one differs from the other in terms of proposals and programs.”

Post-2022 is also in everyone’s head on the majority benches, while the president will not be able to serve a third consecutive term, in accordance with the Constitution.

“If Eric Ciotti wins the internal primary but loses the presidential one, we can assume that he will seek to take the party. led by someone very to the right can allow him to fill up with elected representatives and voices … “, suggests Isabelle Veyrat-Masson, research director at CNRS and communication specialist Politics.

“GÃ © rald Darmanin does the same calculation, also thinking that he can embody a right that is both legal and credible in the years to come in the face of extreme solutions from Eric Ciotti”, adds again the researcher.

For the moment, the deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes – rarely tested in the polls on the presidential election – collects 46% of positive opinions among right-wing supporters according to one to Elabe study for Les à ?? chos. However, it is difficult to predict the outcome of this internal ballot, since the electorate is very small, made up of the only LR members.

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