The Department equips the 20 colleges with several sensors, currently 3 per establishment, (60 sensors in all) with the aim of acquiring a hundred more.

These CO2 sensors allow the renewal of the air, by measuring the rate of this one and the opportune moment to open the windows of the classes because the concentration of CO2 influences the transmission of the Covid virus, by accelerating it … but also by finding the right balance while still avoiding “too much airing”, especially in these winter periods.

The college Victor Hugo de Tarbes received the visit of the Rector Mostafa FOURAR on the occasion of this installation, in the presence of the President of the department Michel PELIEU, of the Prefect Rodrigue FURCY, of the Inspector of Academy Thierry AUMAGE, of the principal of Nathalie DAYNAC college.

To enable their acquisition, financial support is also provided by the state to local authorities in order to equip all public schools and educational establishments.

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