“Conspiracy stories have always been around and they’ve always been part of the bigger story. In addition, the more structured the companies, the more important they were. They are a form of counter-discourse and analysis of those who cannot observe them. (…) In psychiatry, there is a disease called apophenia. She sees things that are not there, and the conspiracy is both a factor and a symptom of modern societies. »(Thomas Huchon, August 25, 2021 at the Public Senate).

In a few days, Saturday September 11, 2021, will be the twentieth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States. Four hijacked planes that crashed, two on the two giant towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) in Manhattan, New York’s business district, a symbol of the country’s economic size, one on the Pentagon near Arlington, Washington, symbol of the power army, and another which “took place” to avoid a fourth goal, which would have been the White House, symbol and political heart of the United States, fallen in Pennsylvania, in Shanksville.
In total, without counting the 19 terrorists who carried out these four suicide bombings, 2,977 people were killed, including 2,753 in the two twin towers of the WTC, including 343 firefighters and 60 police officers. Only 1,643 victims have been identified. In addition, 6,291 people were injured, but besides the United States, the whole world was injured, traumatized, including Russia, which was one of the first countries to stand in solidarity with the American people.
I have already had the opportunity to write that September 11, 2001 marked the history of the world. The change began on November 9, 1989 (reversed for months and days 9-11 and 11-9) with the fall of the Berlin Wall, a positive point of historical singularity, the definitive end of the communist bloc and the victory of the democracies liberal, thwarted by this horror of Islamist terror, which is the negative counterpart of the singularity with a new “enemy”, Islamic terrorism, which can take various forms, sometimes antagonistic across the world.
As a cover-up to history, the Taliban returned after the 11
Twenty years is a generation. For young people, it is already in history textbooks but without knowing “alive”. And this is important: the further the event, the more we can say. In a way, I understand very well why the survivors of the extermination camps are mostly silent when they return to their country of origin. Why testify when it was utterly indescribable, unbelievable? We wouldn’t have believed them. Fortunately, some ignored her, like Primo Levi, but the risk of contempt, indifference and rejection of what she said was too great. It was amazing, so why should we believe them? Even if they themselves were living proof of this industrial horror. Not to mention the guilt complex of surviving. Better to turn the page and live the future without going back to the past. It took decades to hear from these traumatized witnesses, sometimes on their deathbed. There are not many left today. They mostly go to school, testify quietly, away from the hype and unnecessary controversy, unnecessarily, except to earn money.
Conspiracy often springs from disbelief. By a downright cruel fallacy we are freed from the blind belief in a “version” of the facts by a salutary doubt, but also by an even more gullible immersion in a completely stupid “version” (with variations, since this new version does not is not based on any fact).
False information, reasoning deviating from reason, the exploitation of particularly traumatic events, crazy and risky interpretations have always existed since the Incarnation, as the journalist Thomas Huchon said, but the attacks of the 11th. was equipped with smartphones and laptops. in a few years have become social networks, in which in a few microseconds the slightest fart of a stork is heard on the other side of the planet, the time it takes to travel by fiber optic or from satellite to satellite.
I would have liked to write that with these attacks we have never written so much conspiratorial nonsense about an event … The sly and conspiratorial words never claim anything but question everything even when there is no more debate on the subject. With a few manipulative questions, which mostly reveal the ignorance and incompetence of the subject, the conspirators should stimulate thinking and lead their interlocutors to particularly imaginative conclusions (I advise watching the documentary series “Alien Theory” as an exercise in beauty. disinformation very beautiful images, but they say everything from the origin of the man of Mars to the knowledge of helicopters by the pharaohs).
I have not read the voluminous reports of these 2001 attacks over the past twenty years, sometimes by particularly strict and independent commissions of inquiry, but I have read a lot of conspiratorial nonsense on the subject and it would be good. vain to have it to rightly try to try to argue with those who are manipulated by these conspiracy propagandists (one conspiracy per minute, like the pressure cooker). It’s Brandolini’s Law: It’s easier to create false information than to break it down. It is therefore technically impossible to dismantle all the false information, and it is no longer a matter of common sense, but of belief, and paradoxically, in the name of disbelief.
Yet one can understand the nonsense of conspiracy theories if one can assess the facts personally from one’s own observations. I have two examples in mind that relate to September 11, 2001.
At that time, I was working for an American new technology company. In particular, I worked with an American colleague who had just moved to France. He was then (temporarily) installed in the same office as me. She barely spoke French (she was learning it), but she already loved France (there are some, even of Texan origin!) After visiting Corsica, for example. My office was quite spacious and the door was glass. It was a matter of safety to be able to see all the workers in the hallway if, for example, I passed out, that they could come quickly and save me. But since I was in a busy hallway, in order to avoid hundreds of prying eyes, I had taped a large poster against the glass inside to show a great photo of New York at night outside, where we had visibly seen the two twin towers a bit like the silhouette of our Eiffel Tower. After the attacks, I was very quickly embarrassed when my first American visitors came after the attacks because I had forgotten this poster, which could remind them of terrible feelings. I immediately ripped it up and threw it in the trash.

/ * * /
But back to that fatal day. It was afternoon and the first information that came out was that there had been an act of war against New York. This was long before the towers collapsed, but after the impact of the first plane. It must have been around 3 p.m. My colleague and I dug into my computer looking for often fuzzy and contradictory “messages”. We witnessed the second plane and the collapse of the two towers live. You can imagine the shock of my colleague (and mine).
However, that wasn’t what shocked him the most. Other information has reached us. All American and European airports are closed. Many countries find themselves in a state of war. Some planes bound for the United States had to turn around. There was no indication that there would be no acts of war in other countries allied with the United States. During this time, I saw this photo of George W. Bush chatting with school children and hearing about the strange event live. He seemed to be having a nightmare. Everyone had a nightmare. There was talk of a third plane crash at the Pentagon. Culmination of emotions. For my colleague, your father worked at the Pentagon. Then a fourth plane. This wealth of information, and probably now also disinformation, heightened the emotions of those who could be directly affected.
In the evening, my colleague went to see other American expatriates at the Paris consulate, an evening of meditation, solidarity and information. Initial findings show that no one from my company was at the World Trade Center that morning. My colleague’s father also survived the worst, but there was a lot of damage to the destroyed building and the crash killed all 64 passengers on the plane and 165 people who worked at the Pentagon.
However, the first publicized disinformation about these attacks from a book by a pseudo-journalist, which I will not quote and which has since moved to a country with more promising manipulations, was that he did not. A plane would never have crashed into the Pentagon. I absolutely knew this idea was wrong, and the worst part is that in two minutes you can find a video of a surveillance camera on the internet that captured this horror.
In the evening, I got home quite early (before 8 p.m.). Today, I wonder why I did not accompany my American colleague to the consulate. I told myself that I was not an American and that it was not my place. It was probably a mistake. As soon as I got home, of course, I turned on the TV. At the time, there was no continuous news channel, at least on the traditional terrestrial channels, but TF1 and France 2 were themselves continuous news, an uncomfortable habit that developed since the Gulf War when major events broke out.
I can’t remember which of the two stations was streaming the image of American broadcaster CNN in order to experience the same live news as Americans, with French synchronization of statements. It was around 11 p.m. when I told an American host that the fire department or the police (I can’t remember) had filled the seventh tower of the WTC with explosives because the foundations were cracking and the building was about to collapse. , also shaking him a lot the first two break-ins. They had taken their time and managed to get them evacuated. Then I watched the predicted collapse of this seventh round live in front of my television. Everything was logical and explained, certainly explainable.
I was obviously not in New York that night, but I remember very well the timeline, the motifs, the scene, this presenter, these photos that can be found on the internet. It wasn’t until much later that I read that some completely stupid conspiracy theories talked about the collapse of the Seventh Tower, the merger, that the Twin Towers were also stuffed with explosives, etc. danger, imminent threat, that of the accelerated destruction of the seventh tower had to be avoided. The author (s) of this theory simply did not see that this explosion happened transparently, live in front of tens of millions of Americans (and Europeans).
Smoky theories take advantage of the shattered memories of those who saw and observed facts at the time that could invalidate these smoky theories. And finally, being a witness on television does not prevent being, the images were not invented, and here I do not want to refute all the vague statements except that the probability is far too low that a true one remains. intrigue in the game, the mystery the conscience of tens of thousands of people for so long (twenty years), some of whom felt guilty, regretted, confessed on their deathbed, etc. There can be no leaks. When we know that the slightest act and gesture is reproduced almost live on social networks, how could such a secret have lasted for so long?
This observation through television has its interest: it is easy to understand that several people, perhaps millions of people, can see the same facts. I’ll end with some ridiculous misinformation. Ridiculous because uninteresting, but it shows how fruitful this culture of conspiracy is, often on an element of incomprehension due to a lack of information, of data that could explain a fact that can be described as “bizarre” or “unusual”, yes even shocking.
It was September 1, 2021. French President Emmanuel Macron began his three-day visit to Marseille. An important “sequence”, the visit of the northern districts, the meeting with the inhabitants. Concretely, this does not become anything concrete, but it is an essential exercise to listen to the population with empathy (Emmanuel Macron knows how to do this), at the risk of overflowing or even slapping the face. All the televisions were there, looking for the slightest incident or significant dialogue, in search of a future buzz.
When he was walking in the street, not far from his bodyguards, there were mostly young people on the other side of the barriers, and the President approached them and spoke to them. It was the goal. I immediately noticed something: Emmanuel Macron was the only one wearing a mask, outside, in full sun, blue sky. All his interlocutors, the young people, were maskless, but it was acceptable, it was in the open air, even if the safety distances were not respected.
And then for a while, as he walked from one block to the next, he was talking to a parent, a helper, and what you vaguely heard was (basically), ah yeah? the mask is not mandatory outside? Alright, alright, I’ll take it off. And he took off his mask and continued to meet other residents without masks.
It took only a few hours for the conspiratorial parties, or rather, currently specialized in primary anti-macronism, to take it slow: ah, look! Macron does not wear a mask, makes fun of barrier gestures in the school class, children must wear masks (I will not insult to remind them that a classroom in Marseille is not open to the sky. , dilapidated as it is).
In short, everything is good to criticize, but criticizing Emmanuel Macron on the gestures of arrest in Marseille when he was probably the only one to respect them the best is all the more stupid as Emmanuel Macron certainly has many others can criticize him, but… intelligent (for example on what he said the next day, but for that it would be necessary to hear or read his speech, which for the professionals owes an insurmountable effort to conspiratorial stupidity).
It was ridiculous, but it was exactly the same mechanics as in the seventh round: all it took was television to understand the silliness of these smoky claims and take them apart. So you have to know how to choose your side in the source war: what you would like to hear or learn. Nothing can come out properly and reliably from websites that have always delivered bad information.
So there are quite simply the “real” journalists who are paid to give information and who are of course sometimes very critical, often because of their lack of culture and lack of perspective in time, they can be wrong, they can even wanting to deceive, manipulate others, misinterpret it, but in any case the struggle of the ego is like that, the competition so fierce that if a “real” journalist says something stupid, another colleague inevitably rejects it and assures that he has a short glory before another “streak”. Because we must not believe that journalists are like hospital mandarins, they are lonely, are rarely united and never miss their prey, which is why there is a natural regulation in the information market: nowadays the fake does not last long, and this is also a good thing on Sylvain Rakotoarison’s blog (September 4, 2021) http://www.rakotoarison.eu
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I was on the plane… I saw him enter the tower… cross the tower and continue his flight like a letter in the mail! while I thank the pilot for a good and pleasant time.

I even lost my (thin) ID when I opened the door! it was so hot that day

and Bin Laden was at Eurodisney at the “Star Wars” attraction. He listened to R2D2’s nonsense as he clung to his chair.

The information I gave is no more fanciful than that of the “non-conspirators” … Bin Laden, Massoud etc., what wonderful and useful scapegoats! But once murdered, nothing changes …

There are no non-conspirators, not even with quotes: There are only conspirators against thought alone, which clearly shows that for Doxa’s watchdogs the only thought is the opposition is. Thank you Sarkozy for explaining your credo to us: The big confusion came full circle when the opposition turned into anti-Semitic and conspiracy theory in your speeches.

Let’s wait for the process, the torture at Guantanamo is still there. not continuing, the mission in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya ended.

“It was around 11pm when I of course told an American host that the fire department or the police (I can’t remember) the seventh round of the WTC with explosives because the foundation cracked and the building would collapse. . Shaken by the first two collapses. They had taken their time and managed to get them evacuated. Then I watched the predicted collapse of this seventh round live in front of my television. “

According to the official thesis, WTC7 never seems to have been filled with explosives … Firefighters who could not do anything left the building on fire, causing it to collapse …

Then I add … It’s even more likely that the firefighter or police officer had other, far more important things to do that day than taking or wasting time stuffing WTC7 with explosives.

I want you to cite a source for → “Firefighters or police (can’t remember) stuffed the seventh round of WTC with explosives” …

@John The flames are the result of thousands of paper files, which must be cleared, and there is no doubt that WTC7 has been undermined by a real implosion

Without a source I could (on your) → “The fire department or the police (I don’t remember) had explosives in the seventh round of the WTC drunk” conclude that sic h accidentally turn the last words of your article against you … → ” The fake never lasts long these days, and so much the better. “

“There is no doubt that WTC7 was undermined by an implosion worthy of the name”

Yes, of course, but not as Sylvain explains in his article… Anyway, he admits, that tower 7 has in fact exploded… Maybe in the long run, after many videos and others observations, he would have come to the conclusion that we could not deny the explosions …

@John Knowing that this tower is from Zionisthan, there are no small insider insurance profits

@John Our naive Sylvain doesn’t know, but he raised a real rabbit with this sentence. In fact, the thesis was that WTC7 exploded because it was also unstable, only initially supported by the authorities. Larry Silverstein, the owner of the building (and the twin towers), said the same day that he asked firefighters to demolish it, that is, to destroy it by controlled demolition. As a result, there was some debate on the subject, the gist of which was that it was obviously impossible to ‘shoot’ explosives at WTC7 in such a short time (seven hours between the fall of the Twin Towers and the fall) : the building was as tall as the Montparnasse Tower and four times as wide. Such work would have taken weeks for a professional fireworks crew. Suddenly, the official version completely abandoned this idea (but in fact the only one possible, but not with an explosives installation in less than seven hours), the NIST panel, which published an investigation into the collapse of WTC7 , said it was all due to the fires and Larry Silverstein explained that by “shoot” he meant “that” the people who were still in the building are attacking the flag…

“George W. Bush is really bad at chess and gets passed by a Mad Caught”

September 11, 2001 and Journalism 2.0, which reports faster than its shadow: the BBC and CNN announce at 4:15 pm that “WTC7”, the “third building”, was not hit by a collapsed plane. WTC building number 7 really collapsed at 5:20 p.m.

Were there no injuries in the third round? Damn, what luck, what a coincidence: Nobody !!

@alineaI speak too fast: In order not to collapse, we stuff the third tower with explosives; we say we stuff …

“It’s Brandolini’s law: it’s easier to make it wrong
Information than to disassemble them. It is therefore technically impossible
Break down all the wrong information and it’s anyway
is no longer a question of reason, but of faith, and paradoxically
Name of disbelief. “

Does your subconscious speak? You know he knows no lies or deceptions, he carefully waits for his “in” to be taken away.

The natural tendency is to look at a “Thinking in black and white” is therefore a fairly common approach which leads from the doubt of the official thesis to the certainty of the opposite thesis. However, the reality is generally complex, in shades of gray.

If an “antithesis” is put in place for an event, it can be supported by partial facts, adapted, adapted and supplemented with hypotheses and a few artifices in order to form a coherent whole. We can then prove that Napoleon voluntarily lost the battle of Waterloo… even non-existent

Excellent article! There is nothing to add to the horrific observations you have made of the conspiracy and its insane arrogance.

The WTC was upstream rts well prepared for a controlled demolition, except that a pseudo-plane inside broke free from the impossible and therefore thanks both towers for this hijacking as a work of the Messiah! hmm, we’re not all half-stupid, no, but.

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Quote from the philosopher Simone Weil from her book “L’Enracinement” (Ed. Gallimard), published after her death in 1949.

“The dispute can be sharp, the verdict severe, but on condition that you stick to a certain intellectual and moral level which only makes it even more (…)

The WTC was well prepared for a controlled demolition upstream 🙂 except that fucking nickname (…)

The natural tendency is to stick with a “black and white” mindset, so there is (…)

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