Google has a new Doodle Monday you can count on for a good chunk of your free time.

Google celebrates the history of pizza with an interactive Doodle puzzle that challenges you to slice up pizzas with some of the most popular toppings from around the world to order. Sounds easy, you say? Well, the deeper you get into the crust of the game, the harder they get.

The Doodle celebrates this day in 2007 when the culinary art of Neapolitan “Pizzaiuolo” was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO. The city of Naples in southwestern Italy is widely credited with inventing the pizza known today in the late 1700s.

Combination pizzas are popular, but not all toppings appeal to everyone. Thus, to maximize everyone’s pleasure, cut the pies to satisfy the taste of all the guests. Google tells you how many slices with what toppings are needed and it’s up to you to deliver. This means that the order will require the same pie to produce three slices of pepperoni only, three slices of pepperoni and pineapple, and two slices of pineapple and tomato.

You get more stars depending on how precisely you cut, but beware: geography can be tricky, so cut carefully.

The Doodle challenges you to slice up some of the world’s most popular pies, from pepperoni and Calabresa pizzas to Hawaiian mayonnaise and teriyaki creations.

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