On Monday, Mauritania received a new batch of the British vaccine against the coronavirus ASTRE ZENECA, which France has offered as part of the COVAX initiative of the World Health Organization.

This 165,000 doses would be the amount of 165,000 doses that the Department of Health intends to use as part of the new Use the campaign to give the second dose to people who have already taken the first.

This new batch has been approved by the Ministry of Health and the First Counselor of the French Embassy in Nouakchott, the representative of the World Health Organization in Mauritania and the representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund ( UNICEF) as well as some technicians from the immunization service.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, the number of people who have already taken the first dose of the anti-Covid vaccine (Sinopharm and Astra Zeneca) is 228,527.

Ref: https://www.cameroonmagazine.com