The first round of the municipal elections of Cléon took place this Sunday, May 30. Frédéric Marche took the lead with 58.67%.

The Cléonnais did not come in droves to choose the future mayor. The participation rate at 6 p.m., at the end of the votes, is 41.19%. In the 2020 election, the rate is 46.56%.
Thus, the Cléon had the choice between three lists: “Let’s love and transform Cléon” carried by Frédéric Marche, “Cléon, it is time to act”, the list led by Ibrahim Dem and, “Together reinventons Cléon” with Laetitia Lefebvre- Bellegueulle as the head of the list. The four voting offices were installed in the same place, in the Marcel-Cerdan room of the Micheline-Ostermeyer sports complex.

As a reminder, after the appeal of two candidates following a leaflet deemed defamatory, the elections were annulled by the Council of State. The vote, initially scheduled for April, has been postponed due to the health crisis. A special delegation led by Max Martinez managed the affairs of the city – and therefore the organization of the elections – in place of the elected officials.

After the count and a few long minutes of waiting, the chairman of the delegation announced the result of the election outside the room.

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