Clémence Castel is, as a reminder, the only candidate to have won Koh-Lanta twice. An unprecedented performance. The strength of her mind having prevailed over the rest, the young woman intends to achieve a third victory in this All – Stars edition in which she will face the best candidates that the show has ever known since its very first season. What rivals viewers in front of their screens every Tuesday. Always so close to her community, the emblematic candidate of the TF1 adventure program has just given new secrets about her private life.

As you must know, Clémence Castel is today separated from the father of her children. Internet users still wondered about how the latter had learned of his coming out. While many would have thought that she was on a chill with her ex, you should know that she was absolutely not. On the contrary, she is on good terms with Johan, the one with whom she was in a relationship for 12 long years before they decided to give birth to their first child in 2014.

Their relationship today is therefore purely friendly. Clémence Castel and her ex have found the right balance so that their children are not at all impacted by their breakup. A common effort that many Internet users have welcomed. The Koh-Lanta candidate, the legend adds that today he is a wonderful dad to his children and has shown a lot of understanding.

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