Our colleagues from France Dimanche reveal the latest follies of Celine Dion’s eldest son, René-Charles. While the young man wants to break into rap, he allows himself all the follies… paid for by his mother. Is he squandering the family fortune?

“Does René-Charles want to reproduce Celine Dion’s illustrious career in rap, in song? Still, he couldn’t make her more happy, “explain our colleagues from the magazine France Dimanche. According to them, there is tension within the family!

However, the diva had shared her joy to see her son launching into the same artistic field as his. “It touches me very much that one of her passions is also one of mine,” she had in fact said on her Instagram page.

“And for now, her child seems more preoccupied with squandering maternal wealth than with scaling up. », We learn however in the pages of France Dimanche. Celine Dion’s fortune stands at $ 430 million. The beautiful Quebec singer has become extremely wealthy thanks to her international career. And she herself recognizes that her child lives too much in luxury!

In 2016, Celine Dion said goodbye to the man of her life, René Angelil. It was he who revealed her to the public and who built her career as an international singer. In August 2020, Celine Dion revealed how her disappearance had transformed her life.

“I had a hard time losing René and realizing that I was going to be a single mom. He and I were one, so when he died I lost part of myself. And life resumes, we have to put on a dress, go on stage at Caesars Palace and sing. Then you go to the studio to record. This first album in English without René was so hard, ”she said in a video made for Apple Music.

And to continue: “I decided to show that I was able to do it, to rebuild myself and to develop my second half. It made me realize that it was time to try things and take risks, ”she says.

Fortunately, Celine Dion can also count on her children. Yet at the time, she wasn’t sure she could have sex with René. “At some point in my life, I thought to myself that I was so lucky as a singer that maybe the price to pay was to never have children… Finally, I have three children. . “, Had entrusted the singer to the journalists of 50 Mn Inside on TF1, in 2019.

Today, Celine Dion is raising René-Charles, born in 2001, and twins Nelson and Eddy. “When I come home, they’re the ones who put on the show. They do karaoke (…) My son writes rap. My two children (the twins Eddy and Nelson) dress up every day. According to the Quebecer, René is always there to watch over his family.

But Celine Dion admits that grieving is never easy. “It changes every day, for sure it’s difficult, I lost the man of my life… But I want to tell you that it’s going really well because I see my husband every day through my eyes of my children. I have three amazing boys, so he still lives, another way, he lives in me, he sings with me, I know he’s still here. », She revealed 2 years ago to our colleagues from the magazine Elle Belgique.

Today, her eldest son René-Charles is growing up. At 20, on his Instagram account, the young man shows that he has gained self-confidence. He poses with stars in hotel-casinos. For example, we could see him alongside DJ Tiësto at Resorts World in Las Vegas. But when you know his mother’s fortune, it’s hard to imagine seeing him live otherwise.

In any case, it was his late grandmother who was already criticizing his lifestyle. Celine Dion mentioned this in an interview. “She said to me: ‘René-Charles is already wearing cashmere … What are you going to do? It’s too bad he can’t sleep in drawers like you do. But my life when I was little is not my life now. And I tell myself that it’s not because of what you buy for your children or what you make them wear, that they become someone. It’s the way you students, “the singer blurted out on Tout le monde en parle, in Quebec.

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