Several experts have asked themselves the question of what France could look like in 2050. Special Envoy is making an anticipatory film, which highlights the consequences of global warming.

Residents who desert the south of France because of the air that has become unbreathable by its heat. Here are the forecasts from Météo France researchers, produced by the Envoy Special magazine. “What we see is that in a large south-eastern quarter the differences are around three degrees (…)”, reveals Jean-Michel Soubeyroux, to Météo France.

These extra degrees mean peaks of 50 degrees, for 20 days in a row. Some areas in the south will see their temperature rise and their inhabitants flee, towards the only region that will remain livable: Brittany. But beware of disillusion: warming could have effects on the risks of rising sea levels. “There are certain weaknesses that will make life very difficult for people who settle in these regions without paying attention,” explains Jean, a resident of Brittany. Four days before the COP-26 on the climate, the magazine Envoy Special has produced a fictional film of the consequences of global warming. This anticipatory film is based on data from several scientists

broadcast on 10/28

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