Next month, LeBron James will be hitting our theaters with Space Jam: Nouvelle Era (A New Legacy), which will take up the idea for the 1996 film by bringing Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the whole gang of characters together. Looney Tunes with our world, this time through a virtual universe called the World Server, with many references to Warner Bros. possessions. Discovery (ex-WarnerMedia) like a Ready Player One. We had already discovered a first trailer in early April, now place for a second trailer.

To begin with, we find a very nice reference evoking Kevin Hart in English, while it is a question of nugget in French, during the sequence already seen where he becomes a character in 2D. This comes from an NBA game dating back to early 2020 in which LeBron sat on the actor soon to be filming Borderlands in the stands, with one hell of a difference between the two personalities.

Moreover, more passages with this aesthetic licked in the world of Tunes are shown to us, alternating with the live-action shots where we find Don Cheadle in the role of the AI ​​who will challenge the famous basketball player to his own game, and those where the fine team of broken arms that he has assembled will have to face the Goon Squad.

History to add even more drama, the Tunes will also be erased if they lose this match at the top, as if losing their son was not already enough. However, cartoonish humor will not be lacking, as evidenced by a new gag being made to the detriment of Coyote, the kind of thing we will never get tired of, or the shot of Granny who drinks a little too much …

Space Jam: New Era will air from July 14 in theaters, while the United States will be entitled to it starting July 16 in theaters and on HBO Max. The first Space Jam with Michael Jordan will be entitled to a Titans of Cult edition soon, available for pre-order on Amazon for € 29.99.