Nothing is left to chance for Christmas. Besides, here are the best applications to make your own greeting cards.

Making Christmas cards is serious business. Besides, there are apps to easily create them. Here are the best. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

That’s it, the big day has arrived. Indeed, Christmas can finally begin. The presents are under the tree, the lighted houses and the tables are beginning to be decorated. In short, no doubts, December 24 has arrived.

Besides, preparing for Christmas is not the easiest job. The most organized have been looking at the menu for a while. But don’t panic for the late ones, there are some very simple and delicious recipes.

For the savory, nothing could be simpler than a dinner aperitif. Indeed, the most greedy may be in heaven. Puff pastry, wraps, toast or even choux pastry, there is something for everyone.

On the sweet side, Christmas logs are a huge success. In fact, Cyril Lignac has just shared the recipe for his famous chocolate and passion dessert. The result is guaranteed!

But that’s not all. Don’t forget to prepare a drink. And for Christmas, nothing better than a clementine spritz. Indeed, the guests are likely to feast. Yes, just that!

Once the Christmas meal is established, it remains to make his greeting cards. Here are the best applications to achieve them. MCE TV tells you more!

Making your Christmas greeting cards is no easy task. But do not panic, there are applications that can make the task easier. To the delight of the less creative then.

In reality, there are two solutions to wish Christmas greetings. The map in image or the map in video. Regarding the image, different applications are causing a stir.

This application should delight fans of greeting cards. And for good reason, it offers many possibilities. In fact, the latter works thanks to different filters. Some are even very funny!

This Christmas app can be downloaded on iOS or Android. Please note, on iOS the name of the application changes and becomes Christmas photo editor frame.

Regarding video Christmas cards, different solutions are available to fans of magic. There are two that everyone agrees on.

The app is likely to make some people happy. And for good reason, it allows you to create animated greeting cards for free. To put it simply, she incorporates portraits of different Christmas characters.

Like every year, the application is unanimous. It therefore established itself as a great classic of greeting cards. To do this, simply add photos to the application and it will take place on the heads of the elves.

But do not panic. Media Test GmbH has thought of everything when it comes to data protection. And for good reason, it subjected the ReFace application to a data protection test.

One thing is certain, with these applications, Christmas cards are likely to cause a sensation. To be continued.

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