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Emmanuel Moire is in a relationship, and can’t wait to become a father! The singer, revealed in 2005 in The Sun King, revealed to Nous Deux his personal projects. “I have thought about having children for a long time. In my life as a man, I feel like I have great things to accomplish. I must be a father, I don’t see my life differently. Today, I’m not alone thinking about it. And I know it’s going to happen, “he said, saying he’ll be” a great dad, “thanks to his” natural connection “with children.

“I’m a two-time sponsor and I take this role very seriously. As soon as I am in the presence of my godchildren, I reconnect with the little boy that I was. I love that. I like to play with them, to accompany their enthusiasm and above all to speak to them normally, ”he explains.

After the shattering declarations of Geneviève de Fontenay, who attributed the victory of
Nathalie Marquay in the 1987 Miss France contest after an election rigging, Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s wife made a point of clarifying things in the columns of Femme Actuelle. If she says that the words of the former leader of the Miss France committee make her “laugh too much”, she also offers her theory on the bad luck of Miss Reunion, which should have won according to Geneviève de Fontenay.

“As it was the first election broadcast on television, Reunion Islanders – who have three more hours of jet lag in winter – were not too mobilized to vote. But to say that it is rigged … I am the first shocked, “she told the publication. Words that make him “sick to her heart”. “She pities me,” adds the actress. The hatchet is not about to be buried between the two old friends …

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