Chris Paul would not have been pushed without reason by Patrick Beverley a few weeks ago in the playoffs. Here is the explanation.

Chris Paul probably did not expect to hear about the incident with Patrick Beverley on the eve of Game 6 of the NBA Finals. However, the leader of the Phoenix Suns has just seen his opponent’s odious stroller reappear, with the explanation of his gesture. According to journalist Landon Buford, it was words out of place from “CP3” that made Beverley twist.

These would have been intended for DeMarcus Cousins, with whom he had just had an altercation. Beverley was around and reportedly rushed to Chris Paul to avenge his teammate. The words in question? Not very pleasant, if at all they are.

“You fat bum. That’s why my son has more money in the bank than you will ever have!”

We will probably never be able to verify the content of the comments. DeMarcus Cousins ​​would have to get involved, but Patrick Beverley himself apologized for his gesture to Chris Paul after the game. The incident appeared to be closed. Someone wanted to reopen it, for whatever reason.

CP3 told DeMarcus Cousins: â ???? You bum ass nigga! Thatâ € ™ s why my son got more money in the bank than youâ € ™ ll ever have! Â ????

Bev heard it, didnâ ???? t like it & pushed the Suns PG. #ClipperNation #NBA #WeAreTheValley #NBATwitter

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