Chris Marques is known for his sequined jackets and strong character. But, during the second premium of Dance with the stars, he appeared very changed …

This Friday, September 24 takes place the second premium of the dance show where the last 7 duets have set foot on the show in order to succeed in taking the next step. But during this bonus, Chris Marques surprised Internet users!

Chris Marques has been on the Dancing with the Stars jury since the first show. In his extravagant outfits, he doesn’t hesitate to say what’s wrong without tongue in cheek. But, during this second bonus, the dancer appeared completely changed: no more sequins, he simply opted for a black top and a pink blazer. But that’s not all: his behavior is also very different!

Indeed, throughout the show, he does not hesitate to pay compliments to the various duets. We can hear him say to Dita Von Teese who performed a choreography with Christophe Licata: “I fell in love with this performance”. He did not even hesitate to buzz them, as did the other jurors so that they were qualified live, just like Tayc and Fauve Hautot who had been a few minutes earlier.

Fan of the show or not, the French know a Chris Marques who does not have his tongue in his pocket and many are surprised by his attitude on the premium, as evidenced by the messages posted on Twitter. We can thus read comments such as: “It happens with our Chris Marques it has become a care bear (candy pink)?” Or “On the other hand Chris has changed? He no longer wears his extravagant costumes and he does not is more severe I think. Where is the old Chris? “.

Some internet users even compare it to a cheetah that has turned into a tiny adorable cat. So what happened to Chris Marques? Has he been unsettled since the departure of his friend and partner Jean-Marc Généreux? Or is he not able to assert himself as before without his favorite signs? Mystery…

#DALS Chris Marques ate a social worker or what? He has become as gentle as a lamb 😶

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