Chimène Badi in black thigh-high boots, legs apart and a mini lace dress … this photo that explodes the scores!

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Now very sure of herself and more ready than ever to face the gaze of others, the 38-year-old artist has changed a lot. While in her early days Chimène Badi was rather very reserved, she has now become a real woman who assumes responsibility and is no longer afraid to show herself to others.

It must be said that after a long period of absence, Chimène Badi came back this summer completely transformed. Very happy to have lost her extra pounds, the singer has multiplied the pictures showing her slim figure. And if some Internet users have cried out for surgery, the latter has always claimed to have simply taken charge of his life and work hard to get there. And since this metamorphosis, Chimène Badi is no longer afraid to share photos in which she appears very sexy.

Black lace and thigh-high boots, this February 22, the artist unveiled a photo in which she poses very caliente. Thus, seated on a chair and wearing a sort of very short lace dress revealing her lingerie, and thigh-high boots with heels, Chimène Badi stares at the camera with a seductive air while remaining very classy. Hair loose and wavy, the singer sets fire to her Instagram account, “No no transformation, I want to play with fire # JeNAiBesoinDePerson” she added in the caption.

A photo that quickly won unanimous support as its subscribers were quick to comment on it and bombard the young woman with compliments, “You are just beautiful”, “Hello bomb!” “, Or” beautiful photo, I love it “all accompanied by flame or heart emojis.

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