Chevrolet has just presented the last missing version of its Corvette, the very radical Z06. So, for what will perhaps be the very last 100% thermal generation of the American sports car, the brand has gone all out by equipping it with what is quite simply the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 in the history of the automobile.

Special dedication to Greta Thunberg. If you’re a radicalized environmentalist, grab your neighbor’s hand, you’ll be fine. Or do not read this article, which may well make you feel unwell. Chevrolet has just lifted the veil on the Corvette Z06, the most powerful version of the Corvette. And we can say that the American engineers broke a bolt. As all manufacturers stop developing thermal blocks, and go all-electric one after the other, Chevrolet is quietly releasing the most powerful supercharged V8 ever seen in a production car. So no pressure …

This Corvette C8 Z06 therefore embeds an atmospheric 5.5-liter V8 of 680 horsepower! Yep, that’s a hell of a herd. This is in fact the LT6 block, already used by the C8.R in competition. Many people have often had easy criticism of the American V8s, which are still considered “lazy”. It is true that most of the time, these blocks were not designed to go high in towers. Never mind, Chevrolet is sweeping away prejudices and announcing that the red zone of the new Z06 will be placed at … more than 8000 rpm! This promises sacred lyrical flights, which we risk enjoying through YouTube videos shot under tunnels. Everything is associated with an eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

This new vintage of the Z06 takes the body kit of the Corvette C8.R, with the addition of a large fixed spoiler at the rear. The brand has also taken care to offer quite a few options to lighten the car, or push the performance slider even further. Buyers will therefore be able to opt for carbon rims (lightening the car by 20 kg), carbon-ceramic brakes or even Cup 2R tires. We also note the possibility of checking the Carbon Pack option, including a front blade, a spoiler and a specific rear diffuser.

It will be necessary to be patient, since this new Corvette Z06 will not be available in France until 2023. Chevrolet has not yet communicated its price, but it should remain a relatively affordable alternative to its main competitors from home. Porsche, Ferrari or even Mercedes. However, she has no chance of escaping the maximum penalty which, until then, will be capped at € 50,000. We can still say a huge thank you to Chevrolet, which continues to release models like this, at a time when driving pleasure seems to be less and less important for some brands …

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