On the Talk Le Figaro plateau, the head of the RN list in Hauts-de-France ensures that à ond ric Dupond-Moretti has “no program or no vision” for the region.

In Hauts-de-France, the presidential majority has brought out heavy artillery. But by sending heavyweights, such as Gà © rald Darmanin or à ric Dupond-Moretti, to overshadow the outgoing president Xavier Bertrand, does the executive not make not a great service at the RN? “In view of the situation in our country, the Ministers of the Interior and of Justice, in particular, still have better things to do than come and frolic on weekends in the Pas-de- Calais ”, tackled the head of the RN list in Hauts-de-France, Sà © bastien Chenu, on the“ Talk-Le Figaro ”plateau on Thursday. He assures us that the Minister of Justice does not have “any program or vision” for the region. “He goes up on a slag heap on weekends and he comes back to Paris immediately after,” denounces the RN candidate.

What is the real motivation of the majority? For the spokesperson for Marine Le Pen’s party, it is indeed a question of blocking them, since they are “in the capacity to take the region”, argues t -he. However, if officially the majority want to fight against the RN, is it not above all a question of hindering Xavier Bertrand? “No, they are preparing the ground for him”, objected SÃ © bastien Chenu, certain that a “merger” of the lists of LREM and the outgoing president is being prepared. “These people think the same thing, they agree on everything”, he judges, assuring that Xavier Bertrand’s lists include “at least twenty macronists”. “It’s exactly like in Paca”, he points out, “the ground is prepared”.

The elected representative of the North considers that “the region is not so much of Xavier Bertrand’s interest”. He questions the ambiguity of the latter, who is a candidate for the regions while running for president. “I think Xavier Bertrand’s goal is to become Prime Minister of Emmanuel Macron”, loose the deputy RN. Marine Le Pen is also running for the departmental ballot in Hà © nin-Beaumont, in Pas-de-Calais, even though she is a presidential candidate. “Its approach is different”, defends Chenu, it is that of “a strong territorial anchoring”. “Mitterrand was the Niévre, Macron was the Rothschild bank, Marine Le Pen is the Pas-de-Calais”, ironically he.

For the candidate, the regions consist in showing an ability to “do otherwise”, he explains, convinced of the successes to come for his party. “This year, we will win regions,” he says, convinced that the glass ceiling no longer exists. “Nothing will stop Marine Le Pen today, she is a possible alternative for the country”, concludes SÃ © bastien Chenu.

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Chenu is Macron’s best ally, the RN of Mlepen being unable to govern France

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Merging of LR and LREM lists? No, that would surprise me a lot. On the other hand, a Republican resistance to the second round for the top-placed list, yes most certainly.

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