His family was ennobled in 1782 by the Holy Germanic Empire! It is Charlotte de Turckheim who is the guest of Let-Vous Tenter this August 26, 2021. She presented at the Francophone Film Festival of Angoulême, the day before, her fifth director’s film: Mince Alors 2, in theaters on the 22 next december. This is, as its name suggests, the sequel to Mince Then, released in 2012 … It took almost a decade between the two “because I’m a little lazy, jokes the director. I also do a lot. so it took me a long time. And then the first part is constantly on television, 10 times a year and it’s a box each time … So we said to ourselves that we were going to wait a bit let it run out “.

The 1st film was a big success with nearly 1.4 million spectators. In Thin Then 2, the director always faces the themes of overweight and the cult of thinness. “These themes follow the movements of society, says Charlotte de Turckheim. It is far from being last us, it only increases. With reality TV, selfies, filters … Nobody wants to see themselves as It is”.

In this suite, we find Nina, still interpreted by the astonishing Lola Dewaere, this time associated with her aunt (Charlotte de Turckheim), in the opening of a “fasting and detox” cure in the heart of Provence … Four overweight teens will arrive as well as other curists who all do not have a problem of extra pounds to solve. It’s funny, tender, cruel and a little bit sour at the same time.

In the film, Charlotte de Turckheim demonstrates in one scene that being overweight is not the fault (if there is any) of those who suffer from it, but of the place of sugar, for example, in everything we eat. She explains, for example, that “it is a white powder worse than cocaine”. The film is a comedy but, fundamentally, it tackles a serious subject: “grossophobia”, to describe round or overweight people who are victims of the gaze of others or of prejudices …

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