On April 6, 1994, the Falcon 50 plane carrying two African heads of state, their collaborators and three Frenchmen, members of the crew, was shot down by a SAM 16 missile over Kigali airport. This act is recognized by the UN as the “trigger” of the genocide in Rwanda. For more than 20 years, its perpetrators have not been arrested or tried. All the investigations carried out by the UN, the Belgian, Spanish and French courts are sabotaged and subject to strong political pressure. Who has an interest in stifling these investigations? Where are the pressures coming from and why do the perpetrators of this attack seem untouchable? In his book “Investigations on an Attack – Rwanda, April 6, 1994”, Charles Onana, one of the best specialists in this dossier, makes revelations behind the scenes of these various issues. Investigations and shows the political interference that works against the truth and justice, including in France.

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