Charlene of Monaco’s younger brother, Gareth Wittstock, has always been very present for his sister. Installed on the Rock for more than ten years with his wife Roisin Galvin and their two daughters Kaia Rose and Bodie, he is very close to his big sister. He is also the godfather of the princely couple’s daughter, Gabriella. Last June, we could see his daughters with their cousins ​​Jacques and Gabriella in the stands of the Louis II stadium in Monaco for the World Rugby Seven Repechage Tournament. While waiting for Charlene of Monaco to return to the principality, her brother watches over her family, but also over her charitable projects such as the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation. A few days ago, Gareth Wittstock shared on his Instagram account a post from his sister’s foundation announcing the annual golf tournament, named “Princess of Monaco Cup”. The latter will take place on September 16 in Monte-Carlo Casino Square. All funds raised on this occasion will be donated to the foundation, as well as to the association Fight Aids Monaco. The brother of Charlene of Monaco does not fail to specify that the participants will be able to try to win “prestigious prizes”. One thing is for sure, Gareth Wittstock is a very good communicator who is very involved in the founding of his sister in her absence.

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The government spokesperson said on Tuesday that the president will soon be visiting Marseille, which has seen an acceleration in the number of settlements for two months.

ACCIDENT – The pilot is unharmed but his student jumped from the plane before landing and is still wanted

The Taliban firmly opposed any postponement of the departure of US forces in the country on Monday. A virtual G7 summit this Tuesday should take stock of the evacuations and consider sanctions.

Georges A. Tanguay, Professor in the Department of Urban and Tourism Studies, University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) and Ugo Lachapelle, Professor in the Department of Urban and Tourism Studies, University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM, discuss the effects of teleworking on traffic.

Cécile de Ménibus enjoys a little bonding moment during her vacation. On Instagram, she decides to pose with her darling, to the delight of the fans.

Sunday August 22, 2021, Sofia Vergara presented the Stand Up To Cancer charity event. For the occasion, the actress confided in her thyroid cancer, detected twenty years earlier.

The Indian capital, New Delhi, whose polluted air kills thousands of people each year, on Monday inaugurated its first “anti-smog tower”, intended to diffuse filtered air, however, leaving many experts skeptical as to its efficiency.

The device which currently allows the US military to use airliners to evacuate people fleeing Afghanistan had only been used twice before since its inception in 1951: in 1990-1991 during the Gulf War and in 2003 during the invasion of Iraq.

A new sex scandal has once again tainted the British royal family. One of the members of the royal guard was even arrested.

Indigenous protests are taking place in the heart of Brasilia to denounce Jair Bolsonaro’s policy which supports a bill that would open up indigenous lands, already severely affected by deforestation and illegal mining, to the exploitation of natural resources.

Bruno, the famous champion of the TF1 show Les 12 coups de midi, is the candidate of all superlatives: the greatest master of noon and the one who has found the greatest number of mysterious stars. But this avalanche of records earned him some suspicion of favoritism. For Télé Poche, he explains himself on this subject.

Sunday August 22, 2021, a member of the royal guard, remained anonymous, told the Sunday Times his disappointment to see Prince Andrew retain his military titles. In 2019, Prince Andrew decided to withdraw from his commitments following accusations of sexual abuse against him.

Those over 65 and those most at risk of developing severe forms may benefit from a booster 6 months after their second injection. The government wants to start in early September.

It is with sadness that we have just learned of the death of Brian Travers. The saxophonist and lyricist of the legendary British group UB40 was 62 years old and had fought for many years against the disease …

This Monday, August 23, in the show L’Heure des pros broadcast on CNews, René Malleville spoke of his fight against cancer located in the pancreas and liver.

In the United States, a handful of companies are looking for products based on CFC greenhouse gases, in order to destroy them and then resell the carbon credits thus acquired.

EVACUATIONS – Since the fall of Kabul, now in Taliban hands, on August 15, France has established an airlift to exfiltrate threatened French and Afghans

While Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have attacked the royal family for months, Elizabeth II has decided to retaliate by seeking justice according to the Daily Mail.

An essential part of our wardrobe, jeans are our best friend for life… As long as we find the one that highlights us! Here are 3 shapes of trendy jeans at less than 50 euros adapted to your body type.

A final search campaign will be launched on August 30, in an attempt to find the body of Estelle Mouzin. The search should last a week, in the presence of Monique Olivier, the former wife of serial killer Michel Fourniret.