UEFA and its contradictions. Sometimes very permissive towards the clubs on serious subjects, the European body wants to be at the same time quite strict on matters which can appear more futile. Especially that of the jerseys. And Ajax can attest to that.

During August, the Amsterdam club caused a sensation by unveiling a third special “Three Little Birds” shirt, Bob Marley’s famous song that has become an anthem for its supporters. A black tunic, with three red, green and yellow stripes on the sleeves in Pan-African colors (and of the Rastafarian movement), as well as three small birds present in the back, just under the collar. The heart of the matter.

As Ajax played on the Zwolle field in the league for the first time on Saturday in his third jersey, keen observers noticed that the three little birds had just disappeared from the jersey. Why? A priori for a simple point of payment.

“UEFA does not consider them to be an expression of the club logo, main sponsor logo or sponsor on the sleeve, the club told AjaxLife, which tried to find out more. other expressions are not allowed. ” If Ajax can not therefore carry the birds on the continental scene, he would on the other hand have the right to Eredivisie, according to the site specializing in the news of the Lancers. But since the shirt in question is primarily intended for use in the Champions League, the club have obviously decided to have only one version produced for the players.

The outfit was in any case a huge success with the supporters, and ended up out of stock after a few hours. Ajax last week announced a resupply on its site, but with an estimated delivery date … January 2022.

“We have never seen such a strong demand for an Ajax shirt,” said Edwin van der Sar, general manager of the club. Especially internationally, where the attention has been Much larger than we had expected. As we have received many messages from supporters on vacation or abroad who have not been able to get a jersey, we consulted with Adidas and the Bob Marley family to see what else can be done. “

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