How much will the 2021-2022 Champions League bring back to PSG? If no one has the answer to the extent that it depends heavily on the performances of Mauricio Pochettino’s men, who are attacking their European season on the lawn of Bruges this Wednesday evening (9 p.m.), we can already explain how much the Parisian club is insured. to win even before the start of the meeting: 70.83 million euros. This is thanks to the bonus distribution system concocted by UEFA.

Let’s start with the first windfall: the participation bonus in the group stage of C1. This season, it is 15.64 million euros and is distributed indiscriminately to the 32 clubs playing in the hottest of continental competitions. In all, it represents 500.5 million euros.

Next, let’s assume that Lionel Messi and his partners completely miss their European fall with six losses against Belgians, Red Bull Leipzig and Manchester City. Paris would therefore not be entitled to any performance bonus, set at 930,000 euros for a draw and 2.8 million for the victory. Zero point, so therefore no qualification for the round of 16, which alone brings in 9.6 million.

🏆🚨 € 70.8 M: This is the minimum sum that the #PSG will receive from UEFA in #ChampionsLeague, even in the event of the possible catastrophic course (6 defeats in the Group Stage). # BRUPSG pic / CV8IJLdu3j

But Paris will be able to count on its good UEFA ranking over the last ten years, calculated with a coefficient linked to performances in European competitions. PSG are currently seventh, behind Juventus Turin and ahead of Manchester City, and will be awarded thanks to this historic 29.56 million euros.

Last envelope, that called “market shares” and linked to the value of TV rights in the country of the clubs concerned. Paris will have to share this sum with Lille, the second and only other French representative, depending on their progress in the competition. The Sport Business Observatory calculated the “worst” scenario for PSG, six losses in the pool and Lille advancing to the final. There, PSG would receive 25.63 million euros, which would bring a total of 70.83 million euros.

Paris, in view of its workforce, has a good chance of winning more this season. By comparison, the capital club had won an estimated 112 million euros by L’Equipe for reaching the semi-finals last season.

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