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Either way, you had to win. Against the bottom of the class, Champagne Basket again showed at the end of the match its ability to scare itself. But when times are tough, focus on other values. They were collective this Thursday evening in René Tys, on the 13th day of Elite. With a Neal Sako of the great evenings and a better controlled management of the highlights, the Marne club finally put an end to a terrible series of 8 defeats in the league. There is still a long way to go to repentance. But this collective victory must be a milestone. There is one game left in 2021 in Paris next Monday to end the year with one last gift.

CHAMPAGNE BASKET 89-80 CHOLET (22-16, 29-22, 21-20, 17-22) REFEREES: MM. Chambon & Vigne, Mme OrtisCHAMPAGNE (33/63 in shoots, i.e. 52.4% success including 7/26 at 3 points, 40 rebounds, 26 assists, 15 stray balls, 16 faults): Sako 26, Begarin 14, Henry 11, Lawal 9, Grantham 9, Reynolds 7, Goudou-Sinjha 7, Mbida 3, Tabu 3. Entr. : Cédric HeitzCHOLET: (31/64 shoots, or 48.4% success including 9/24 at 3pts, 24 rebounds, 14 assists, 13 stray balls, 24 faults): Artis 29, Anosike 12, Govens 10, Robineau 10, Dallo 8, De Sousa 5, Meeks 2, Makoundou 2, Diarra 2. Entr. : Laurent Vila

From the first moments, the Marnais show a beautiful defensive intensity and an offensive realism which quickly allows the proteges of Cédric Heitz to stand out, in part thanks to the work in the paint on both sides of Neal Sako (5-0 then 12-4 ). Dominic Artis’s address is needed to stop the bleeding temporarily. But the Sako show was only just beginning. And while a few damaging bullet losses kept the visitors in the game, Grantham’s success still offered 6 more units than Cholet after 10 minutes. Absent from the first quarter, Junior Mbida launched his own from afar in the following quarter. But two losses of the ball and some difficulties facing the defense in the Cholet zone allowed Artis, again to equalize via a confusing prize-winner (25-25).

But the Choletais quickly found themselves in the penalty. Enough to allow Gani Lawal to register his first points with authority in the racket (29-25), while Jonathan Tabu inquired from afar. A 7-0 which pushed the opposing bench to take a time-out (34-25). And if the two teams surrendered, Scottie Reynolds’ skill kept a comfortable lead (40-31). A lead reinforced by an incredible external success and a visiting defense a time exceeded. At the break, the Marnais took off (51-38).

The return of the locker room does not compromise the local dynamic. On fire, Neal Sako continues his festival in the opposing racket, while Dominic Artis seemed the only Choletais able to answer him. And if the defense passed in strict individual offered few solutions to the visitors, the Marnais quickly put themselves in the penalty. Not enough to disturb Jessie Begarin, whose new award-winner kept the gap (68-54). If the Marnais seemed to be in control, with real domination on the rebounds, they were playing scare each other at the start of the final quarter while Robineau reduced his to -6 (72-66). Finally, by dint of fighting spirit, Mike Henry found the solution under the circle. Not enough to disturb Hugo Robineau and Yoan Makoundou whose success allows a close to -5. Tonight a great Sako was needed to avoid another disillusionment (83-73 to 2’23). Not reassured, the Marnais did not crack. Combativeness, solidarity and finally a little bit of success have finally made it possible to stop the bad momentum. The road to redemption is still a long way off, but this victory is good.

🆚 Paris Basket
🏆 14th day of Betclic Elite
📅 Monday, December 27, 2021
⌚ 8 p.m.
🏟 Halle Carpentier, in Paris (75)

Ref: https://www.sportclub-reims.fr