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In Chad, the Prime Minister of the transition gave this Saturday an “address to the vital forces of the nation”. Albert Pahimi Padacké invited several hundred political, union, religious and civil society representatives to listen to his message. Opponents calling for the removal of the ruling military were not present to hear him call for “sacred union.”

Albert Pahimi Padacké admits that he cannot bring “15 million Chadians” into the government, so he will “not be free from criticism”. To minimize them, the transitional Prime Minister suggests a “healthy” electoral competition at the end of the process.

At the end of a week during which he multiplied the talks, Albert Pahimi Padacké urged the multiple organizations represented to make the common interest a priority. “This collective force must not get lost in the swamp of personal ambitions and egos,” the Prime Minister warned. This transition is an opportunity to prepare together the ground for a healthy competition for the peaceful expression of personal and collective ambitions. “

One goal of the transition, he says, is to achieve a “more balanced” nation. To achieve this sacred union, he also addressed the demonstrators calling for change in the country.

“To those who are in the street, those who express an anger, an exasperation that we can understand, to those who push the cry that we all want to push, I invite you now to play the game of the transition”, launched Albert Pahimi Padacké.

However, some formations are still waiting for guarantees to integrate it. For example, the assurance that the leaders of the transition will not be able to run for the next presidential election. This idea even appeals to some in the majority.

The participation of the former “parliamentary opposition” around Félix Nialbé Romadoumngar’s URD is almost a given. That of Saleh Kebzaboh’s UNDR is well under way. “Sacred Union, we want it,” replies Succès Masra, of the Transformers, but on condition that this process is not a “recycling of the methods of the past against the backdrop of a dynasty”.

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