Sunday May 30, a delivery man was assaulted in front of a restaurant in Cergy-Pontoise, in Val-d’Oise. The alleged assailant also uttered racist insults against a local woman who was filming the scene. Police in the department announced that an investigation had been opened.

According to the first elements of the investigation, a black delivery man from Uber Eats was assaulted Sunday evening while recovering an order, indicates a police source. The victim, who presented “several wounds”, was taken care of by the firefighters and would have filed a complaint, specifies the same source.

A woman who witnessed the altercation filmed the alleged assailant from her window, who took her to task. In videos, widely relayed on social networks, we hear the man utter racist insults to the local residents: “you negress, you dirty black (…), for 800 years you have been sold like cattle” , said the man in particular. “Identifications are in progress,” said the Pontoise prosecutor’s office.

The woman who received the insults also filed a complaint, said the Cergy-Pontoise police station in charge of the investigation. For Dominique Sopo, president of SOS Racisme, “the remarks of the aggressor are a demonstration of the permanence of the degraded vision of this or that population – here the blacks assimilated to descendants of slaves and animalized – that History has bequeathed “.

At the call of the collective of the Anti-Negrophobia Brigade, nearly 150 people gathered Monday afternoon in front of the “Brasco”, the restaurant where the attack took place, according to a police source. “We are just as shocked as you and strongly condemn this kind of talk that goes against the philosophy of our restaurant,” wrote the establishment in a message posted Monday on Facebook.

After the broadcast of several videos calling for the attacker to be found, the police asked “not to relay the hateful testimonies and to let the investigation take place”.

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