Sara Blakely, founder and CEO of Spanx, offered $ 10,000 along with two first-class tickets to any destination in the world to her more than 500 employees, the Guardian reported on October 25. The businesswoman is once again a billionaire after selling her shares in her company.

Investment management firm Blackstone has indirectly spoiled Spanx employees. Last week, she acquired a controlling stake in Spanx, a tight-fitting clothing brand founded and run by Sara Blakely. As a result, the brand is now valued at more than $ 1.2 billion. To celebrate the success of the operation, the boss of Spanx surprised her employees by offering them two first class tickets to any destination on the planet. She also offered them $ 10,000 to spend on the trip.

Sara Blakely sold fax machines door-to-door and started Spanx with $ 5,000 in savings & no experience.

She never raised money & has now sold a majority stake in the brand at a $ 1.2 billion valuation.

The employees were so stunned that some of them cried. “This is a really important time for women entrepreneurs,” Sara Blakely said in a statement. Following the sale, she will become Executive President of Spanx, a company she founded in 2000, alone with $ 5,000 in savings. “I started this business without any sales experience and with very little money, but the customer was the most important to me, and that gave me the courage to start the business,” he explains. -she.

Few bosses are as generous as Sara Blakely. We know the example of Dan Price, founder of Gravity Payments, who went even further by slashing his salary by 90% to lower his company’s minimum wage to $ 70,000 per year.