New Celtics president Brad Stevens didn’t take long to shake up his squad. And it’s Kemba Walker who (logically) bears the brunt, with the point guard being sent to Oklahoma City.

With knees creaking more and more, and nearly $ 73 million over the next two seasons (although the second is a “player option”), the former Hornet had become a burden for Boston. To part with it, Brad Stevens was forced to drop the 16th pick in the next Draft, as well as a second round in 2025.

In exchange, the Celtics get home alumnus Al Horford, Moses Brown, and a runoff in 2023.

Enough to strengthen the racket of the Massachusetts franchise, with its former interior, which must still touch 53 million dollars over the next two seasons but whose contract is less heavy (and is only guaranteed to the tune of 14.5 million dollars on 26.5 in the second year) than that of Kemba Walker, but also the interesting Moses Brown, capable of bringing rebounds and blocking under the panels.

It remains to be seen what the Thunder will now do with the leader, while Sam Presti’s club now has three choices guaranteed in the first round of the 2021 Draft: his (Top 8), that of Boston (16th) and that of Miami (18th). The latter will be replaced by that of the Rockets if it falls to 5th place …

In Oklahoma City’s dream scenario, the club would have 1st pick, 5th and 16th pick!

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