CÃ © line Dion a new mother? His biographer gives more details during an interview with Gala magazine.

The diva has decided in recent years to breathe new life into her life. Following the death of her husband, Celine Dion appeared very thin, even skeletal, which greatly worries her fans.

Above all, the star has made the choice of a new way of life by adding other strings to her bow. This is how in 2019, it becomes the g ???? Oréal on top of that, she keeps on touring and performing live.

And as if that were not enough, CÃ © line Dion has rediscovered a passion for dance which she would have even become addicted to.

This hellish pace that she sets must have repercussions on her health, causing concern among fans. Faced with the many comments left by his subscribers about his weight loss, the star decides to come out of his silence.

Invited on the set of â € œGood Morning Americaâ €, the singer is entrusted on the subject:

â € It is true that I am a little thinner. Everything is fine, there is no worry

The 52-year-old star has gone through several trials in recent years. In addition to losing her husband, she also lost her granddaughter, father, mother and brother.

Fortunately, she could turn to her children for some glow during this dark time.

Career side, it is not the great joy either since his projects are on hold due to the health crisis. However, she takes advantage of this period to spend as much time as possible with her children.

That’s the question that’s on everyone’s lips. In October 2020, Elisabeth Reynaud released a third book dedicated to the star entitled â € œIn Cà © line-Dion – une icône de ferâ €.

Published by Éditions Larousse, in her book, the star’s biographer talks about Céline Dion’s desire to be a new mother. Despite the fact that she already has 3 children, the singer never said “no”. At the maternity ward.

Becoming a mother â € “is a recurring desire for herâ €” says the biographer. Also according to the latter, now that the diva has passed the age of carrying a child within her, she could turn to adoption.

Since she became the genius of Lâ ???? Oréal, she formalizes her status as a fashion icon. More than ever a fashion fan, CÃ © line Dion asserts himself.

The singer of Quebec origin unveils in a sequence on her Instagram account, a new look that has completely transformed her.

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