The Algerian selection begins its qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup against Djibouti this Thursday. Djamel Belmadi’s men will have to finish first in their group if they want to play the jump-off to access the 2022 World Cup, it could be complicated in the event of a tie.

Indeed, the selections with equal points will be decided in several ways. First of all what will be taken into account is the goal difference at the end of the qualifications. If two selections have the same number of points, this criterion will make the difference. In the event of a tie in points and the goal difference, it is the number of goals scored which will decide between the selections.

Finally, it will be necessary to pay attention to the cards received, in fact, in the event of a tie in points, the goal difference and the number of goals scored during these qualifiers, it is the cards received which will determine access to the jump-off or no. Djamel Belmadi’s men should not give a gift to “small selections” and pay attention to the boxes.

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