It was a bit of a guess from the latest releases from these two franchises, and this Lakers – Cavs will have kept all of his promises. A young Cleveland team uninhibited against the Lakers in the reaction, then an end of the game during which the Monstars will have finally accelerated to force the Cavs to hoist the white flag. It was cool, so we debrief.

Whatever happens, seeing LeBron James take on the Cavs is always an event. The King’s stats for the franchise he created? 16 games, 15 wins, 29 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists, a coffee, the bill. One reason among many for focusing on this game last night, and in the long list of reasons honor to the kids, honor to a bunch of kids who have been doing the job since the start of the season. The Cavs, as we are talking about, created a full game last night – and again – within ten minutes. Great individual satisfactions once again with in particular a huge start to the match by Lauri Markkanen, a new capital performance by Evan Mobley, effective in attack and on all fronts in defense, the dark tasks performed in silence by Kevin Love, a passage GOATesque of Ricky Rubio in the second half or the flow / talent combo of Darius Garland. A rather exciting set and which will have kept the Lakers for most of the game, before the main leaders of Los Angeles get their fingers out a little late in the game.

The score with a few minutes left in the third quarter? 85-76 for the Cavs, after a back-to-back threes planted by Ricky Rubio, incredible veteran with a rebellious fuse but for once the one who made the mistake of waking up the Lakers. Because opposite finished playing seem to say the future Hall Of Famers of the band, since Carmelo Anthony will then start a festival which will see him finish his match with the clean sheet of 24 pawns 6/8 from the parking lot. Useless and hateful Melo in defense in the first half then delivering his own in the second, probably the definition you will find if you open the dico and look for his name there. The defense, rather the dada of Anthony Davis, author of a huge against annexing all of Finland at the end of the match, and of Avery Bradley, launched in the basques of Darius Garland in the last quarter just to stop the show, while Russell Westbrook was wrapping up a surprisingly clean and manageable evening. Another thief to congratulate? Not the best known of the bunch since it is (once again) the young Austin Reaves who let go of the horses last night, author of 7 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists in 21 minutes, but above all a kid in the process of become one of the great satisfactions of the start of the season thanks to a defensive hustle that would almost remind us of the Grizzlies of 2013. Ripped balls, old-fashioned dives and a little hype that is being built little by little, because There is a spoiled Caruso to take in the hearts of fans.

Did we miss someone? Ah yes, Dwight Howard closed the shop with a … 3-point shot, that’s to start the weekend in a good mood, but especially the so-called LeBron James, quite a shooting disaster last night but author of ten last minutes of boss following a well identified trigger. Indeed, at 10 Cavs, Evan Mobley is at the reception of an alley-oop following a school pick and roll, LeBron finds himself not far from the poster and, as we saw it live, the King said stop. On the following action it is Bron’s career which is synthesized in a few seconds with a virile request for isolation to attack … Evan Mobley, the shoulder that passes, an offering released in the corner, then an offensive rebound recovered in screwing up Markkanen’s cervicals and two points scored above the battlefield. The beast is launched and it will then score about ten points in traffic while busy refueling its mate Melo, because never forget: LeBron James against the Cavs you know the end.

An exciting game, at the end of which you almost want to love everyone and hug you. A young and beautiful team from Cleveland, the Lakers who assume their rank, a King who holds on to his crown, a teasing Melo, a young whipper who wins in the land of Monstars and this great jig of Dwight who closes the shop in the parking lot ? It wasn’t the game of the century either, but we had fun.

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