A cluster was detected at the L’Orée du Bois nursing home in Saignes, in Cantal. Since July 20, cases have multiplied among residents and staff. No less than 43 cases of COVID, including 33 among residents have been identified. The retirement home has 69 beds. It is managed by the Association des Cités Cantaliennes de l’Automne, which takes care of 11 other nursing homes. The medical director of the facility, Dr Rémi Courbil, explains: “We are monitoring the situation very closely. Some residents have been cured. About ten days after the onset of infection, if they are asymptomatic, they are considered cured. Four people are still in isolation due to COVID. They are under more precise surveillance ”.

On Wednesday August 25, a new screening campaign will be carried out and the results will be known the next day. A total of 8 deaths have been recorded since the end of July, all linked to COVID. Dr Rémi Courbil continues: “We have a population with many pathologies. COVID has been an aggravating factor. Vaccination coverage was however very good, with more than 90% of patients and employees who were vaccinated. Out of 7 unvaccinated residents, 6 had COVID and 4 died. Out of 10 contaminated employees, 8 were vaccinated ”. For the management of the EHPAD, it is difficult to determine the origin of the contamination: “This is the eternal question, which is impossible to answer. All those infected were infected with the Delta variant. The front door was a human being. “

From now on, the management of the retirement home takes care to support the residents. Dr Rémi Courbil underlines: “We take care to protect unharmed patients as much as possible. There is an unvaccinated person who has been placed in isolation at the request of the family. Protective measures are in place. As for people still sick with COVID, their isolation is gradually ending ”. According to him, “The residents are worried, which is legitimate, but also because of the isolation measures. Isolation is an aggravating factor for fragile patients. But we must continue to live ”. Family visits are suspended for residents sick with COVID. Complete isolation is limited to a few patients: “We try to encourage room visits for the others. The health pass is in force ”. The Regional Health Agency (ARS) is in close contact with the retirement home. DR Rémi Courbil concludes: “Given the strong contagiousness of the virus, we must think about vaccination. Collective immunity has not yet been achieved. We must therefore remember the importance of vaccination “.

Ref: https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr