The facts came in 2019, when a ceremony aimed at purification by fire resulted in the first 30 books being burned. And buried. The organizers claimed an educational act, especially as the ashes were used to plant a tree: how to denounce an ecological approach? Roots plunging into the origin of evil … Canada is in shock.


Clement Solym





Clement Solym

The idea was simple: to harvest books that convey a racist image of First Nations peoples, and to set an edifying example. The libraries of the Providence Catholic School Board in Ontario took part, eventually destroying 5,000 documents. And this message was sent with the prospect of reconciliation with said peoples.

The movement was also to gain momentum: if the 2019 fireworks triggered the initiative, 2020 should have followed – the pandemic will have had the merit of cutting it short. The spokesperson of the Council ensures for its part that the books were selected by their content “obsolete and inappropriate”, reports Radio Canada.

In all, out of the 30 schools, nearly 160 works were concerned by this program of weeding by the flames: in question, for all, the message conveyed on the First Nations. And who, in Asterix, Lucky Luke and others, presented characters with racist traits, it is believed. Tintin was, of course, in the lot, with his passage in America: his meeting with the Redskins, published in 1932, did not pass any more.

Even works aimed at giving children models of disguises are incriminated, in that they represent an inappropriate cultural appropriation. While some authors are screaming at the censorship of their works, pointing out that one confuses works of fictional – often humorous – and historical documents, nothing has helped.

For Suzy Kies, independent researcher, according to her own presentation, works for the Providence School Council: she underlines that these works have in common to be “stories written by Europeans, from a Eurocentric perspective and not by Aboriginals” . And as such, and in view of their popularity for some, they have participated in cultivating myths about Indians, which are quite racist.

“Pocahontas, she’s so sexual and sensual, for us native women it’s dangerous,” she also says.

The president of the association of book publishers, Arnaud Foulon, admitted that some of the titles pointed out could contain errors, or even no longer be essential. However: “One of the goals of schools is to open up students to a variety of points of view and knowledge. “Having only recent books, which would lead to this clean-up, will present other risks for the future.

The wildfire of this affair forced the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, to intervene: during a press conference, the latter assures: “It is not mine, it is not for non-Aboriginals tell Indigenous people how they should feel or act to advance reconciliation. “

If the subject of reconciliation is particularly sensitive, Yves-François Blanchet, leader of the Bloc Québécois believes that burning the books is tantamount to hitting oneself with amnesia: “We do not make the errors of judgment of the past disappear by denying them”, quotes Radio Canada. Except to plead in favor of vacuum cleaning …

As for the prospect of censoring Hergé or Uderzo and Goscinny, this shocks him: the prejudices conveyed are no longer supported nowadays, obviously, but it is above all important to “provide an educational framework so that young people are exposed to what happened “.

According to comments from the School Board, the ceremony – cremation and burial – was the best way, at least the “most appropriate for the initiative.” If negative consequences have resulted, he deplores them: it was a message of peace …

tintin is racist to die and no one to die. why respect it as something that is not? why “preserve” it when the people concerned express themselves? go…

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The AIE, the Italian association of publishers, has joined forces with Lucca Crea for the promotion of comics and graphic novels in Italy and abroad. This is indicated in a press release from the organization, which specifies that research on the sector will be carried out and that the two organizations will commit to participating in their own benchmark events and fairs …

09/08/2021, 15:59

James Norbury had self-published his book Big Panda and Tiny Dragon – the story of two friends who overcome the obstacles of existence. And share some distress. This story, in part inspired by his own experience, had been refused by British literary agents. For the author, who lived below the poverty line, working as a volunteer for a charity, everything has just changed …

09/08/2021, 12:32

The book industry in Quebec is on the rise, headed by Copibec, the rights management organization, the publishers ‘association and the Writers’ Union. They call on public authorities and politicians at the federal level to make copyright law a priority. The actors are asking for a firm commitment, which will correct the problems of the 2012 legislation.

09/08/2021, 10:32

The birthdays of two cult albums by the Radiohead group will be celebrated at the same time: Kid A (2000) and Amnesiac (2001) will merge to become Kid A Mnesia, on the occasion of a luxurious reissue of the two albums, with many bonuses and titles unpublished. At the same time, namely in November 2021, Thom Yorke, singer of the group, and Stanley Donwood, graphic designer, will publish two books.

09/08/2021, 09:52

In Belarus, Maryya Kalesnikava and Maksim Znak, two opposition figures in power embodied by Alexander Lukashenko, were sentenced. They receive 11 and 10 years in prison, respectively, for conspiracy, threat to national security and belonging to extremist groups.

09/07/2021, 12:27

Died at the age of 72, he was considered one of the most important living Italian writers. Daniele Del Giudice, one of the main protagonists of the Italian literary scene for the past 40 years, died in Venice on September 2, 2021. He was a writer, but also a journalist and literary critic. He had been absent from public life for some time because he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

09/07/2021, 11:32

On September 9, in Istanbul (Turkey), a first hearing will allow the writer Yavuz Ekinci to answer the accusation of “dissemination of terrorist propaganda”, brought against him at the end of August by the lawyer general. Eight tweets are implicated, posted in 2013 and 2014 …

09/07/2021, 10:38

The world is teeming with literary wonders, thanks to hundreds of authors from all over the world whose works are translated into different languages ​​every year. But what is the most translated book of all time? To mark the start of the new school year, Preply, an online learning platform, publishes the ranking of the most translated books in the world. Good news, France has a good place on the podium!

09/06/2021, 16:11

As Europe rapidly vaccinates, and two new variants have appeared – C.1.2 and Mu – Italy is dismayed to discover publishing success. Eresia, of Dr. Massimo Citro, is found in the top of the best sellers. His words, long known to question the pandemic and its effects, seem common. But their development here is a concern.

09/06/2021, 14:54

The Palazzo Sormani in Milan could become the seat of the Museum of Books and Publishing. This initiative is part of the major project of the European Information and Culture Library funded to the tune of € 101.574 million by the Pnrr, the national recovery and resilience plan.

09/06/2021, 10:20

At the end of July, publisher Roberto Calasso passed away: a figure in Italian publishing, historic in more than one respect, who had managed the house of Adelphi for fifty years. During a plenary session on September 2, the company’s board of directors has just formalized the company’s succession. Causing amazement and relief in the editorial environment of Bel Paese.

09/04/2021, 12:23

The house placed itself under the auspices of a certain Thomas Mann to choose its name: Felix Krull Editore – a reference to the novel The Confessions of the Knight of Industry Felix Krull (1965 in France, translation by Louise Servicen). By its very nature, its editorial project is to provide a vision of contemporary literature in Europe. Their latest publication is particularly eloquent in this respect.

03/09/2021, 15:15

In two novels, Sally Rooney has established herself as one of the UK’s most beloved and widely read young authors. The 30-year-old Irish author publishes her third book, Beautiful World, Where Are You? (Faber), which is making the event in English-speaking bookstores.

09/03/2021, 14:44

Bibliomanager and Ingram announce, in a joint press release, a partnership to extend the distribution network of print-on-demand works to several countries around the world. Amazon resellers, Barnes & Noble, or even Snapdeal will be able to offer Bibliomanager’s Spanish-speaking catalog.

09/02/2021, 10:51

The United Nations has defined 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), included in the 2030 Agenda, intended to guide the public policies of States and the actions of each to improve the future, for all. The protection of the environment holds an important place there, and the UN reading club offers books around Objective 14, the protection of aquatic life.

09/01/2021, 08:49

The mangaka Shin Kibayashi (The Drops of God) had been made a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters in 2011, and seems to have retained a special affection for France. For the Netflix platform, he writes the original series Lady Napoleon, the first step in a long-term collaboration.

08/31/2021, 12:57

The HarperCollins group signs a big editorial blow in this back to school 2021 with the upcoming publication of a collection of unpublished short stories signed by 12 authors, featuring Miss Marple, a famous character created by Agatha Christie. Among the feathers gathered for the collection, Kate Mosse, Val McDermid and Elly Griffiths.

08/31/2021, 10:31

The Hôtel des Autrices continues its international residency program and welcomes four new residents to its digital walls. Following Ariane Lessard in April, then Aurélie William Levaux and Saskia Nitsche in July, four authors enter residency as of August 30 for eight weeks.

08/31/2021, 09:53

English-speaking independent bookstore established in Hong Kong since February 2017, Bleak House Books has announced the closure of the store as of October 15. A departure for political reasons, which once again underscores the region’s loss of autonomy vis-à-vis the Chinese central power.

08/30/2021, 15:03

Recently, the very discreet mangaka Eiichirō Oda spoiled his fans, with ambitious covers for volumes 99, 100 and 101 of his manga One Piece … Put side by side, they form an imposing illustration, which celebrates the longevity of the series, among the best-selling in the world …

08/30/2021, 10:51

The “critical race theory”, or “critical race theory” in French, has become a subject of fierce political debate in the United States in recent months. This subject indeed studies racism within American institutions, often to the detriment of the latter. A conflict that inflames school districts – especially public ones – where parents, teachers and school administrators debate. The dismissal of a teacher in Tennessee last month for presenting an essay by African-American author Ta-Nehisi Coates only made matters worse …

08/27/2021, 10:48

A year 2020 that will have turned against Quebec publishers, this is the information confirmed by the figures established by the Observatoire de la Culture et des communications du Québec. Likewise, the enthusiasm for digital books is more than confirmed, with a 123% increase in sales – or $ 10.5 million, to 894,500 copies. The total market for the past year was $ 577.5 million, down 3.1%.

08/27/2021, 10:40

20 novels are still in the running for the German Book Prize 2021, a selection made by the jury among 230 titles published or to be published between October 2020 and September 21, 2021. The award will be awarded on October 18, 2021, at the opening of the Fair of the Book of Frankfurt, and will be broadcast live on the Internet.

08/27/2021, 10:36

The storm has been raging in Campania for several weeks, with the Esercizi di Libertà festival in Ravello as a backdrop. This coastal town welcomes writers for meetings every year – and as its name suggests, a certain intellectual freedom is required. But the intervention last June by the President of the Region, Vincenzo De Luca, darkened the celebrations.

08/26/2021, 12:54

Surprising professionals around the world, the Beijing Book Fair, one of the most important events in the sector, announces on its official website the postponement of the entire event, which was to open on August 25. , to extend to 29.

08/25/2021, 09:49

The Belarusian power, seeking to reaffirm an authority contested since the presidential elections of August 2020, intimidates artists and writers in particular. After the dissolution of the Belarusian PEN Center, an organization for the defense of freedom of expression, the Belarusian Writers’ Union is now targeted. A first hearing took place on August 24.

08/24/2021, 17:08

Red T is a professional organization founded in 2010 by Maya Hess in New York to protect translators and interpreters in conflict zones. Its mission is more relevant than ever when we see the tragic situation of performers in Afghanistan. Red T works around the world, both globally and individually. The organization uses Facebook and Twitter to make its voice heard.

08/24/2021, 10:35

The New York Public Library, with the support of a financial magnate, was able to open a new permanent exhibition space, within the Stephen A. Schwarzman building. The public will be able to discover exceptional literary artefacts, sometimes unusual, like the stuffed animals of Christopher Robin, creations from which Winnie the Pooh and his friends from the forest of blue dreams are derived …

08/23/2021, 17:05

To promote her new book, Who cares wins, British model and activist Lily Cole posted a photo on Instagram of herself… in a burqa. Put online the day after the capture of Kabul by the Taliban, this publication aroused strong reactions. However, the 33-year-old Briton made this post to promote diversity, she says.

08/23/2021, 4:55 PM

This is no smile, the position is so coveted: Libreria Editrice Vaticana, a publishing house affiliated with the Holy See, has a new editorial director. Lorenzo Fazzini will also occupy, on the nomination of Pope Francis, the post of head of the Dicastery, in communication. Translator, writer, since 2012 he has headed the house Editrice missionionnaria italiana, dedicated to Italian missionaries.

08/23/2021, 4:27 PM

The Taliban’s stranglehold on Afghanistan is causing a boom in Roberto Saviano. The Italian writer, engaged for years in the fight against drug traffickers, claimed it a long time ago: to legalize cannabis would amount to withdrawing colossal sums from criminal organizations. Drugs, the ideal financing of international terrorism, here is what deserves to be recalled.

08/23/2021, 15:10

Ahmed Al Ameri’s Sharjah Book Authority, in the heart of Sharjah, an emirate of the United Arab Emirates, has launched an initiative to redefine and promote reading: “You’re Into Books”. The adopted strategy targets the favorite topics of readers, via an awareness campaign in the United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries, launched on August 15, which encourages the diversity of the interests of each one.

08/20/2021, 11:45

At the heart of its annual congress, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) communicated on the Afghan situation. Concerned about the fate of the population, the organization also called on the authorities to do everything possible to protect the country’s libraries and other cultural institutions.

08/19/2021, 13:10

In the United States, the Free Comic Book Day, on August 14, was an opportunity for libraries and bookstores to offer free copies of various comics. In Farmingdale, on Long Island, in the northeast of the country, a library inadvertently slipped copies of a somewhat daring comic book into several bags, which fell into the hands of toddlers …

08/19/2021, 11:24

Japanese animator Masami Suda has died at the age of 77, leaving behind a considerable imprint left in the Japanese animation industry. He was notably responsible for the appearance of the character of Kenshiro, aka Ken, for the cult 1980s television series, Ken the Survivor.

08/18/2021, 10:52

For several weeks now, the whole world has observed with dismay the Taliban’s regained control of Afghanistan – symbolized by the entry into the capital, Kabul, on August 15, the flight of the president and the scenes observed on the tarmac of the ‘airport. The population is preparing to fall into obscurantism, and is taking the initiative to avoid reprisals, in particular by hiding the books.

08/17/2021, 12:13

Other articles in the Professions section

Died on October 17, 1981 in Geneva, the writer Albert Cohen will have bequeathed the splendid Belle du Seigneur, whose writing began in the 1930s. But the publication did not take place until 1968. On the influence of Gaston Gallimard, some passages were cut from it to appear in another work, Les Valeureux, published the following year. Commemorating the 40th anniversary of his passing, a collector’s box is coming soon.

09/08/2021, 16:59

Organized for six years in Barcelona, ​​the Edita Forum brings together book professionals, but also Spanish politicians and academics. This edition, which took place on September 6 and 7, will have highlighted the need for the publishing world to adapt to new issues: in short, to accelerate the technological transition of the sector.

09/08/2021, 11:41

The first cultural brand to offer writing workshops, Cultura is also positioned as a producer of culture with “99”, a literary program prepared and hosted by Alexandre Jardin. Last May, the 1st issue won the votes of Internet users. The second issue, broadcast live this Thursday, September 9, will be the back-to-school issue with some nice encounters and always the same generosity.

09/08/2021, 10:32

Interbibly, a professional association for regional cooperation between players in the book, documentation and written heritage of the Grand Est region, offers to respond to a survey on the use of the health pass. A questionnaire that aims to collect feedback from staff on what happened during the summer.

09/08/2021, 09:45

The Gibert bookstore brand, which has experienced a number of economic difficulties in recent years, announces the opening, on September 30, of a “CultureStore”, the Quinze.bis. Behind this name, a “hybrid” place that will host “music, well-being, crafts, decoration, gifts, art and of course, books”.

09/07/2021, 16:37

The French Academy publishes an atypical and rather prestigious job offer: the institution is looking for a professor or an associate professor of modern or classical letters, assigned to secondary education (active or available). Editorial tasks related to the 9th edition of the Dictionary of the Academy, and a reflection on the next edition are in particular on the program.

09/07/2021, 16:33

He had sworn to be in no way linked to tax evasion proceedings when the Panama Papers case came out in April 2016. However, Jacques Glénat has just been fined € 200,000. The verdict of the Paris Criminal Court also adds an 18-month suspended prison sentence for the publisher of the eponymous house.

09/07/2021, 16:03

The AUZOU Group acquires the Les Jeux Libres brand, a French company of games and wooden toys made in France. Les Jeux Libres is a family business run by Julien Guichard specializing in children’s toys, particularly in wood and progressive games. The brand has all the assets and values ​​to join AUZOU: a very high quality made in France, intelligent toys and 100% youth, and a real care for the development of the child through play and creation.

09/07/2021, 15:46

Since 2020, the Authors’ Network and Other Writers Need to Concentrate have been alerting internet users to gender and parenting issues. Now these two initiatives by French and German speaking authors come together for a literary collaboration around a theme rich in meaning: a letter to the father.

09/07/2021, 14:48

Author of the book Gintarine Sirdis (Amber Heart, in Lithuanian), Neringa Dangvydė had seen the distribution of her work in Lithuania disrupted by the intervention of the journalistic ethics inspectorate. The latter had issued a reminder to the law, considering that the accounts of Gintarine Sirdis evoked homosexual relations, and required a warning. Dangvydė then seized European justice, considering that this obligation was homophobic.

09/07/2021, 14:43

EXCLUSIVE – The Little Prince’s 75th birthday will be celebrated in a few days with a double publication. Between the release in the United States in 1943, and that in France three years later, success has never wavered. 14 million copies sold in France, five million per year worldwide, the adventures of the fox, the rose and the blond have won over readers. Which deserved to take part in the party.

09/07/2021, 12:28

We would have forgotten, this House of press cartoons, which the Élysée wanted, and which the Minister of Culture at the time, Franck Riester, had worn. In January 2020, the Covid had not yet brought down countries and the planet, and yet a quack had already sounded. However, the suspended project is eagerly awaited, as pointed out by a forum launched by Maryse Wolinski, widow of Georges – one of the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack.

09/06/2021, 17:04

Authors often neglected within the book chain, proofreaders are sometimes as little known to professionals as to the general public. The ACLF, Association of French language correctors, reveals the portrait of the correction professions, drawn by a large survey of those who practice them.

09/06/2021, 15:49

Interview-river, granted by the new CEO of Lagardère, Arnaud, to the JDD, which attempts the perilous exercise of reassuring everyone. While the group seems to be quite tossed about, the boss scrutinizes the financial aspects, as well as the structural ones. And of course, Hachette Livre is never far away, even if, at this time, any merger with Editis, which Vincent Bolloré owns, has not been announced.

09/06/2021, 14:15

Unmissable event of the end of summer, the literary re-entry this year brings together 50 titles from the Editis group’s publishing houses to be found on

09/06/2021, 12:08

The LVMH group, owned by Bernard Arnault, announces the acquisition of the fine-book publishing house Citadelles & Mazenod, which offers luxury works of art. The publisher will be brought into contact with the specialist journal Connaissance des Arts. Matthieu de Waresquiel will remain CEO of Citadelles & Mazenod within the Arts Department of the LVMH Group, responsible for developing its publishing activities.

09/06/2021, 11:32

“It is with great joy and emotion that Vincent and I announce the release on November 4 of our comic book: The Young Actor, Vincent Lacoste’s Adventures in Cinema. “Indeed, Riad Sattouf was obviously very excited to unveil this new editorial adventure. And its publisher, Les Livres du future, reveals the broad outlines!

09/06/2021, 11:27

In the run-up to the National Days of Action against Illiteracy, the National Agency for the Fight against Illiteracy (ANLCI) is publishing the first Atlas of Illiteracy, the objective of which is to better identify the audiences affected, or still which territories are particularly concerned.

09/06/2021, 11:11

Michel Roseau, according to a decree of the Minister of Culture dated September 2, 2021, is appointed director general of the services of the Comédie-Française. He succeeds Kim Pham, appointed in September 2014.

09/06/2021, 10:03

Not insignificant success for a political book, Faire, by François Fillon, sold nearly 122,300 copies (Edistat data). At € 20 apiece, the publisher’s turnover was over € 2.4 million. Released in September 2015, the document would foreshadow the presidential campaign of the candidate, winner of the right-wing primary. The author has returned to the judicial spotlight, with hiccups over the book’s contract.

04/09/2021, 12:55

Scheduled for October 11, 2021, the next Professional Book Meetings in Grand Est will be held in Mulhouse. A pre-program has been communicated while these Meetings are largely dedicated to the issue of sustainable development within the book chain.

09/03/2021, 16:51

Schoolbags on their backs, schoolchildren have returned to school and for the home of the Media Participation group, back to school rhymes with new troops. Thus, the structure announces a strengthening of its editorial team.

09/03/2021, 16:32

Two new publishing houses have integrated the Cairn editions distribution catalog, the company said in a statement. Both are now supported since September 1. Two arrivals that complete a catalog of around sixty partner publishers.

09/03/2021, 16:02

Thierry Souccar Éditions announces the appointment of Patrice Évenor as Chief Executive Officer, effective September 1, 2021. In his new role, he will ensure the strategic development of the publishing house, founded in 2007 by Thierry Souccar.

09/03/2021, 15:57

The latest publication by Orianne Lallemand and Eléonore Thuillier, Le Loup qui wanted to go to school accompanies schoolchildren for the start of the school year. In bookstores since August 20, the book has just launched, binder on the back, on the wheel hats: more than 10,000 copies, in the space of ten days. This is in addition to the 7.5 million copies that have passed since the character’s creation in 2009.

09/03/2021, 15:28

The School of Literary Translation (ETL) will open its eighth promotion in January 2022. Applications are open until October 15, 2021. Resulting from a partnership between the Center National du Livre and Asfored and led by Olivier Mannoni, the The School is the first to offer young translators, who have already published at least one translation with a publisher, a full one-year training course (150 hours, every other Saturday).

09/03/2021, 15:24

Since 2016, RetroNews, the press site of the National Library of France, has been used to browse through three centuries of press archives (1631-1950), i.e. 1,500 French press titles and 15 million digitized articles, accompanied by content specifically written by historians, journalists and writers. In a time of alternate facts and untruths thriving, RetroNews draws on research and historical sources to tell the past and shed light on the present.

09/03/2021, 14:26

Established in Maisons-Alfort since 2020, the Bookstore School (former National Institute for Bookstore Training, INFL), which offers three training courses for the bookstore profession, announces a new stage in its development. It is now Qualiopi certified, validating the quality of the training provided.

09/03/2021, 11:25

In March 2020, Francesca Gee, who identified herself as another alleged victim of Gabriel Matzneff, gave an interview to the New York Times. A former journalist, she had also proposed a book telling her story long before Vanessa Springora: in 2004, the editors of the Parisian market had refused it. Matzneff was not yet a subject. Since then, the writer has been accused of child criminality, although for the time being, the statute of limitations argues in his favor.

09/03/2021, 11:00

Other suspicions of embezzlement of public funds weigh on François Fillon, and they are not new. The national financial prosecutor would indeed have opened a preliminary investigation in 2017 about the employment of Maël Renouard, recruited between November 2013 and September 2015 as parliamentary assistant and pen of the politician for his book Faire (Albin Michel).

09/03/2021, 10:54

The network of independent booksellers Initiales (55 bookstores in France and Belgium) has joined forces with the publishing house L’École des loisirs to design a booklet, called Boys don’t cry. The latter offers a selection of 20 novels, drawn from the publisher’s catalog, to “knock out the clichés”.

09/02/2021, 17:44

French writer Michel Bussi’s publisher Les Presses de la Cité has announced the release of his future novel Code 612. Who killed the Little Prince? This story, signed by one of the most widely read French authors, is presented as a variation on the Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, published in 1943.

09/02/2021, 16:56

From September 6 to 12, the National Days of Action against Illiteracy will take place, for their 8th edition, throughout France. Various awareness-raising events labeled by the National Agency for the Fight against Illiteracy are planned, as well as a campaign. Moreover, with the reading of the great national cause in the background, action against illiteracy should gain in resources in the coming months.

09/02/2021, 15:25

On September 1, the French group Lagardère announced that Financière Agache, a holding company owned by the family of Bernard Arnault, had just given up all of its shares in Lagardère Capital, or 27% of the total. This agreement stipulates that he will receive in exchange shares of Lagardère SA, the parent company of the publishing companies grouped under the Hachette Livre division, and of several media entities – Europe 1 radio, Le Journal du Dimanche and Paris Match magazine.

09/02/2021, 14:23

Born in 1929, Jean-Denis Bredin died on September 1 at the age of 92, the Académie française announced in a press release. Elected on June 15, 1989 in the chair of Marguerite Yourcenar, he notably signed a reference work on the Dreyfus Affair, simply titled The Affair, published in 1983 by Julliard.

09/02/2021, 09:22

Although in recent months bats have had a bad reputation, the iconic figure of Batman will be honored from September 1 to 18. The annual meeting place for all fans of the Dark Knight, “Batman Month” offers activities – and this year, not the least: the Batmobile itself, multiple events and the sale of numerous merchandise. It is therefore time for fans to know the menu of the festivities now.

09/01/2021, 4:35 PM