In Camping Paradis, broadcast this Monday, August 30 on TF1, Timothée, the character played by Marwan Berreni, performs a circus number. Did the actor shoot this scene himself?

This Monday, August 30 from 9:05 pm, TF1 offers a new unprecedented episode of Camping Paradis, entitled “A circus in paradise”. In addition to the usual cast, Laurent Ournac (who returned to his difficult experience in the animation of Dance with the stars), Patrick Guérineau, or even Candiie are joined by Vincent Lagaf, for whom the series was originally written, as a circus director named Jo, Sophie de la Rochefoucauld who plays his wife Carmen, and Marwan Berreni their son Timothée. The traditional Narboni circus goes through some difficulties but Jo finds it difficult to see the truth in the face, and her relationship with her son turns out to be complicated.

In the episode “A Circus in Paradise”, Marwan Berreni – who was in a relationship with his partner of Plus belle la vie, Myra Tyliann – plays Timothée, an acrobat who performs an aerial straps act alongside his companion Alice ( Lea Kerel). In several shots of this scene, it is the 32-year-old actor who appears in the air with his partner. Nevertheless, for the most perilous passages, he was doubled by the professional who initiated him to this exercise in acrobatics.

Aurélien and his daughter Cléo settle in the bungalow next to that of Emilie and her daughter Tania. While the two parents seem to get along very well, it is not with their respective daughters. As for the grumpy Christian, he falls under the spell of Célia, one of the circus artists. Meanwhile, Tom welcomes home, with a mixture of enthusiasm and apprehension, his dear and tender Stéphanie (Juliette Chêne who confided in the relationship between her character and Tom). The game does not promise to be won from the outset between the two lovebirds who will have to learn to live together …

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