While Patrick Chirac’s latest foray into the Flots Bleus campsite is broadcast tonight on TMC, we take stock of a possible fourth episode.

Will Camping 4 ever happen? This is the question that all Franck Dubosc fans ask themselves! A legitimate question since the actor but also the director of the first three parts, Fabien Onteniente, regularly talk about it in the media.

And if for several years, the duo seemed ready to put the cover back, for some time their responses have been more cautious, especially from the side of the interpreter of Patrick Chirac.

“A Campsite 4 to find friends? But there is one missing: Claude Brasseur! To shoot it without him, I don’t think about it for the moment,” Franck Dubosc told Télé-Loisirs last March. , referring to his friend who died in December 2020. And to continue:

A few months earlier, Fabien Onteniente had also left the door open to a possible fourth episode but without certainty. “Franck Dubosc and I don’t want to do it to do it. It has to be worth it emotionally speaking, that it also says something about us,” he told TV Magazine.

And to specify: “However, we arrive in the back-end of our life, to be polite (laughs), so it would already be necessary that Camping 4 is in phase with what we are. Patrick Chirac will perhaps be papi. We let ourselves want to want to. And we have to know why we meet, and that it is not an artificial reunion to please a producer who wants to take money. “

Gone are the days when the filmmaker evoked a crossover with the Tuches or claimed to have “often Franck on the phone” about a new film. Despite everything, there is still hope as long as neither of the two men has given a definitive no!

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