The Cameroonian hip hop artist, Tenor, had an accident of rare violence, in the early morning hours of Thursday, July 15, 2021. It was four in the morning, when the young singer’s vehicle left the road at the “Feux Rouges Bessenguè” crossroads, in Douala, in the economic capital of Cameroon. She violently whips a pole.

Several serious injuries among the occupants, including Tenor the driver and owner of the vehicle. But, unfortunately, one dead: the beautiful Erica Nfiya Moulioum. 21 years old, this Bamoun girl from the Noun department (West Cameroon region), was a Management student at Saint Jérôme Catholic University in Douala. Her relatives announce that she was already having a lot of joy at the idea of ​​celebrating her 22nd birthday on October 14th.

Inconsolable tragedy; a pain that nothing consoles. Erica Nfiya Moulioum died on the spot. Our sources indicate that she was sitting on the side where the vehicle violently struck a pole. Dejected and very upset against the artist Tenor, Jean Georges Moulioum the father of Erica came to remove the body of his daughter at the funeral home of the Laquintinie hospital in Douala where the injured from the accident are interned.

An informant claims that the very late Erica was buried yesterday in Foumbot, in her native village. “Let Tenor know that he attacked a lion and that once recovered from his accident, that he immediately come to Bamoun country to endow my late daughter,” said the father of the young student, when resigned. , he carried away the lifeless body of his daughter. Among the occupants of the vehicle, witnesses say that only the second girl who was in the vehicle left unharmed.

Philosopher, Erica used to say: “My best revenge is just to move on. I will never give someone the satisfaction of seeing me suffer. Everything has an end. I am unique, shy sometimes”