A photo of the meeting showed PM Modi at the head of a table with empty chairs to his right

Bengali Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee skipped a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday to assess the impact of cyclone Yaas, and instead chose a quick 15-minute interaction with him at an air base where his flight landed. She was supposed to attend a cyclone damage review with PM Modi but left after giving him a report.

“You wanted to meet me, so I came today. Myself and my Secretary General want to bring this report to you. Now we have a meeting in Digha, so we ask for your permission to go, “the prime minister was quoted as saying.

This was their first personal conversation since the bitter election campaign in Bengal and Mamata Banerjee’s third victory in a row.

The alleged nudge came when the Prime Minister landed at Kalaikunda Air Force Base in Bengal after an aerial photo of the cyclone damage in the state and in Odisha.

Mamata Banerjee’s office says she informed the center about her meeting but was asked to waiting for PM Modi at the airfield, which made them angry.

But the central government blamed Mamata Banerjee, Prime Minister Modi and Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar ei To have to wait half an hour. A photo tweeted by Mr. Dhankhar showed the Prime Minister at the head of a table with BJP Leader Suvendu Adhikari – Ms. Banerjee’s former aide – and other officials seated on his left and empty chairs on his right.

” Mamata Banerjee’s behavior is unfortunate, even during a natural disaster, and stinks of petty, low-level politics, “sources said, citing a version of events that Ms. Banerjee may disagree with.

” When the Prime Minister arrived, no one from the West Bengal government was present to attend the review meeting. Both the Chief Minister and Chief Secretary were present in the same room and STILL did not come to see the PM, “central government sources said. p> “Suddenly, Mamata Banerjee storms in with her arrogance and hands the Prime Minister a few papers about the cyclone entry lay and says she is leaving as other visits are pending. Never before in the history of the Indian republic has a state’s prime minister been so ugly, disrespectful and arrogant to high-ranking officials like the prime minister and governor, “they said.

The prime minister was” callous, arrogant and extremely unconscious against the welfare of the people of their state “and with their irritable behavior” dealt “an unprecedented blow to decency and federalism,” the central government said of what it considered petty.

Sources also alleged Mamata Banerjee had her official “Not allowed” to give a presentation in front of the Prime Minister.

“The entire presentation was loaded onto the screen, but its pettiness prevented officials from presenting it to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister took time to review the damage in West Bengal, but the Chief Minister’s politics and pettiness prevented it, “the sources said.

According to them, the Prime Minister was upset that Suvendu Adhikari, who is now Bengali Opposition leader, was part of the meeting.

According to sources in the Bengali government, Ms Banerjee’s office had separately confirmed the time with the Prime Minister prior to the review meeting and informed them that she had previously met. “Everything was agreed, so why did she have to wait “they asked.

The chief minister said their interaction would only take a minute; she went to the review meeting, gave the prime minister the necessary papers, asked for his permission and left, said Sources close to you.

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