Called Caldor Fire, the forest fire has already covered more than 700 km ², destroying several hundred buildings and releasing thick smoke that pollutes northern California.

Thousands of people were ordered to evacuate Monday, August 30, the south shore of Lake Tahoe, California, a hot tourist area threatened by an approaching fire that dies. The region has been vast for more than two weeks. The forest fire, called Caldor Fire, has already covered more than 700 km ², and destroyed several hundred buildings. It gives off thick smoke that pollutes northern California.

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TO?? Thanks to extreme drought and sustained winds, the flames continued on Monday to progress towards South Lake Tahoe, a tourist town located on the shores of the largest alpine lake in North America, at the border with Nevada. “The conditions and fuels are historic,” lamented the San Francisco Chronicle firefighter commander Jeff Veik. “We’re going to put out this fire. But it won’t be today, ”he said.

The Caldor Fire is just one of dozens of blazes ravaging the chronically drought-stricken western United States further exacerbated by the effects of climate change. Over 7,000 km2 of vegetation has already burned, more than double the average area at this time of year. Tens of thousands of residents had to flee the flames, often without knowing when they could return or even if they would find their homes intact. “There was a knock on the door last night around 10 p.m. to warn me to get ready,” South Lake Tahoe resident Corinne Kobel told the Sacramento Bee newspaper. “And this morning at 10:00 am, it was the police who came to tell us to leave. I’m freaking out, ”she adds.

In total, some 22,000 people were ordered to evacuate the area on Monday morning. An AFP reporter saw an endless line of vehicles attempting to exit South Lake Tahoe, idling, bumper to bumper.

California Fire Chief Thom Porter said the blaze had grown to nearly 80 square kilometers overnight as the cloud cover cleared. “When the air comes out, it removes the lid on your pot of boiling water,” which feels like a draft, he told the Sacramento Bee. “It’s the same with a fire,” he explained.

Further north, the gigantic Dixie Fire continued to expand, having engulfed more than 3000 km ² since its departure six weeks ago. Monday morning, in California alone, more than 15,000 firefighters were fighting on the ground against about fifteen large forest fires. Their number and intensity have multiplied in recent years in the western United States, with a marked lengthening of the fire season. According to experts, this phenomenon is particularly linked to the warming of the planet: the increase in temperature, the increase in heat waves and the drop in precipitation in places form an incendiary cocktail ideal.

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the 08/31/2021 at 8:02 AM

This argument of brush clearing refused by the schools is ridiculous. If the forests do not burn before the arrival of the whites, it is therefore that the little Indians cleared the forests with their little mimines !!! Maybe they had Stihl brush cutters !!

the 08/31/2021 at 04:59

Better not to read the comments. Global warming is the main reason for these repeated fires. I have been living in Roseville, a suburb of Sacamento for 25 years, about a 30 minute drive from the Caldor fire. Here, it hasn’t rained a single drop since March. Everything is super dry. Trees are like twigs ready to burn at the slightest glitch. The first time I saw smoke like this was in 2008. First time in 10 years; then in 2013, in 2016, in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. Every summer, now, it has become the fire season, which begins earlier and earlier, and lasts longer and longer. The reason: lack of rain. If it rained even once in July, or August, but no, nothing. So we can clear whatever we want, it will not change the main problem: the lack of rain due to climate change. Before, it didn’t rain much, but maybe once a month in the summer. Now it’s not raining at all, and the lakes and rivers are almost empty, to unprecedented levels.

the 08/31/2021 at 03:56

Cà © lafotauxà © colos! They have a good back with the schools! In truth, Californians with their huge air-conditioned 4X4s of course, their huge air-conditioned houses of course, their huge air-conditioned shops of course, their air-conditioned trips. recurring, warm the atmosphere. In addition, they have an appalling consumption of water which draws both groundwater tables and rivers (the mighty Colorado River has almost become a stream at its mouth. Hence the ever-increasing fires. devastators.