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Heavily armed police officers have secured the U.. S.. . Capitol nearly four hours after supporters of President Donald Trump walked past barricades and forced themselves into the complex on Wednesday amid violent clashes that left at least one person dead.

Trump had urged his supporters to come to Washington to protest against the formal approval of Congress for President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the general election, and unsubstantiated claims that the election had been stolen.

On Wednesday evening, in a safe place for House officials, the announcement “The Capitol is Safe” sounded. Legislators applauded, and Congress convened again, promising to ratify the election of the electoral college for Biden’s election, even if it lasted all night.

Washington police said at least one woman was shot dead in the Capitol and later died in a local hospital. It wasn’t immediately clear how she was shot.

Protesters used “chemical irritants” on the police to gain access to the complex, said Chief Robert Contee. Several police officers were injured.

At least five weapons have been recovered and at least 13 people have been arrested so far, Contee said.

An explosive device was found nearby, but police officers said Wednesday afternoon it was no longer a threat.

Heavily armed officers called in as reinforcements used tear gas to move people to the door, then combed the halls for stragglers and pushed the mob in clouds of tears onto the square and lawn of tear gas and lightning strikes and grenades.

Video footage also showed officials calmly letting people walk out of the doors of the Capitol despite riots and vandalism.

Outside, when it got dark, police officers worked their way up to the demonstrators and tried to clear the area around the Capitol with grenades. Large clouds of tear gas were visible.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser previously declared a 6 p. m. ET curfew, but dozens of pro-Trump supporters remained on the streets of the capital by early evening.

The chambers were abruptly deepened early Wednesday afternoon when dozens of people breached safety regulations and asked lawmakers in the chamber of the house to put on gas masks while tear gas was being fired in the rotunda.

A chaplain prayed as the police guarded the doors to the chamber and the legislature tried to gather information about what was happening.

Protesters made it into the Senate Chamber. One stood on the podium and shouted, “Trump won this election. “Several dozen went through the halls and shouted,” Where are they? “Some were in the visitor galleries too.

Images were taken of an armed stalemate in the house, when politicians crouched behind desks and people smashed the windows of the building and got in. Newsmax showed footage of police officers and rioters who were in the Capitol rotunda.

The parade of breathtaking images continued: a man in a Make America Great Again hat, feet up on Pelosi’s desk, another walking through the rotunda with a Confederate flag over his shoulder, the podium being taken from a man with a trump flag is occupied as a cape.

Outside, as police sirens echoed and helicopters pulsed overhead, thousands upon thousands cheered on the steps of the Capitol and celebrated the news of the breach, waving flags, firing torches and pounding smoke grenades from above on the balcony.

The skirmishes outside happened exactly where Biden will be inaugurated in just two weeks.

Protesters tore down metal barricades at the foot of the Capitol steps and were hit by officers in riot gear.

Some tried to push past officers holding shields and officers could be seen firing pepper spray into the crowd. Some in the crowd shouted “traitors” when officials tried to hold them back.

The skirmishes came shortly after Trump addressed thousands of his supporters and upset the crowd with his unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud at a rally near the White House on Wednesday before the congressional vote.

“We’re not going to let them silence your voices,” Trump told the protesters who queued before sunrise to get a prime position to hear the president.

After the Capitol was breached for the first time, Trump tweeted encouraging supporters to “stay peaceful,” but not urging them to disperse.

Biden who said U.. S.. . Democracy was under an “unprecedented attack” and urged Trump to go on national television calling for an end to that siege. “

Shortly afterwards, Trump posted a video on Twitter repeating false statements about the theft of the elections but urging protesters to “go home now”. “(Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube eventually removed the video. )

In a tweet, Pence said, “This attack on our Capitol will not be tolerated and those involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. “

“Obviously we’re concerned and we’re following the situation minute by minute,” Trudeau told Vancouver radio station News 1130. “I think America’s democratic institutions are strong and hopefully things will go back to normal shortly. “

Elsewhere in the U. . S.. . Trump supporters gathered outside state buildings from Georgia to New Mexico, sparking some evacuations, when cheers rang out in response to news that pro-Trump protesters had stormed the U.. S.. . Capitol.

Hundreds of people gathered in state capitals across the country waving signs that read “Stop the Steal” and “Four more Years”. Most of them did not wear masks despite the coronavirus pandemic. Some carried long guns in places like Oklahoma and Georgia.

As a precaution, New Mexico State Police evacuated workers from a statehouse building that houses the governor’s and foreign secretary’s offices shortly after hundreds of flag-winners arrived in a trailer and on horseback.

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