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In The News is a round-up of stories from the Canadian press aimed at getting your day started. Here’s what’s on our editors’ radar for the morning of November. 27 . . .

Black Friday, the one-day shopping bonanza known for its big bargains and big crowds, is here.

While rising COVID-19 cases and weeks of staggered stores have dampened the usual fanfare of the shopping event, retailers are turning to today’s sales to improve their bottom line.

Retail analysts say some bargain hunters are expected to shop in brick and mortar stores whenever possible in hopes of closing a doorbuster deal.

But they say the majority of this year’s shopping on Black Friday is expected to be online.

Eric Morris, director of retail at Google Canada, says e-commerce in Canada doubled during the pandemic.

Given the ongoing lockdowns and capacity constraints in the store, online sales are expected to be strong today and will continue to rise during the holiday shopping season.

In fact, large boxing stores, which often attract the most occupations and crowds on Black Friday, have put most of the promotions online.

Although Black Friday’s top sellers tend to be big ticket electronics, some buyers may be looking for deals on simpler items.

Lisa Hutcheson, managing partner of the consulting firm J. . C.. . According to the Williams Group, some buyers could use today’s sales to stock up and crouch for the winter. “

REGINA – Starting today, Saskatchewan will suspend group sports and no more than 30 people can gather in public places as the province tries to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The Saskatchewan Party government announced additional health measures on Wednesday after weeks of increasing cases that have resulted in hospitalizations.

Although formal competitions are prohibited, athletes and dancers 18 years and younger can still train in groups of eight if they are spaced enough apart and wearing masks – now required in all indoor fitness facilities.

No more than four people can sit together in a bar or restaurant. The tables must be three meters apart if they are not separated by a barrier.

Americans celebrate Thanksgiving amid a relentless pandemic that has turned traditions upside down at tables across the country.

Zoom and FaceTime calls are a staple this year, and people who have lost family members to the virus are keeping a vacant spot to honor their loved ones.

A Utah health department has delivered boxes of food to residents infected with the virus who cannot go to the store.

A New York nursing home offers drive-up visits to families of residents who have difficulty celebrating the vacation on their own.

SEOUL – South Korea’s spy agency has notified lawmakers that North Korea has executed at least two people, banned fishing at sea and locked its capital city as part of frantic anti-coronavirus steps.

Legislators quoted National Intelligence as saying that North Korea had also instructed diplomats overseas not to take any actions that could provoke the United States because they were concerned about President-elect Joe Biden’s expected new approach to the North.

A lawmaker quoted the agency as saying that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was showing excessive anger and taking irrational measures to address the pandemic and its economic impact.

A Venezuelan woman who believes she was used as part of Jason Kenney’s argument not to lock down restaurants in Alberta recalls her encounter with the Prime Minister as less dramatic than he suggested.

Carolina De La Torre says Kenney got her core feelings right, but she said she didn’t burst into tears as Kenney recalled.

She also said it was Kenney who turned to her stand at the Calgary Food Court called Arepas Ranch for lunch in October, not the other way around as the Prime Minister said.

After weeks of increase in COVID-19 cases, as of Tuesday more than 1. With 000 new cases and 16 deaths reported, Kenney announced new rules that included making private indoor social events illegal.

During the press conference, Kenney set an example of how much a lockdown would harm businesses by telling the story of a Venezuelan refugee he met.

“A few weeks ago I was in my constituency, at a small food court, and a new Albertan, a refugee from Venezuelan socialism, came up to me,” said Kenney.

“She had just opened a small grocery kiosk, she recognized me, she came up to me and she collapsed in tears in front of me and said, ‘Sir, I put all of my savings into this business as a refugee. to pay the bills. If you close me I’ll lose everything, everything, and I’ll be in abject poverty. ‘”

“For some, it might be a little too easy to say that all they have to do is flip a switch. Turn them off, “said Kenney.

“I would ask people with the certainty of a paycheck to think for a moment about those individuals whose entire life savings are tied up in corporations. “

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