The deliberation of the 2012 presidential campaign financing case was delivered this morning to the Paris Criminal Court. Former President Nicolas Sarkozy is sentenced to one year in prison. With an adjustment of his sentence at home. His lawyer has already indicated that the president will appeal.

As for Philippe Briand, the mayor of Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, who was one of the 14 accused as President of the association financing this campaign, he is therefore found guilty of the facts with which he was accused and sentenced to two years in prison, one of which was suspended. A verdict below requisitions since the prosecutor had asked for three years in prison, a fine of 80,000 euros and 5 years of ineligibility.

Philippe Briand’s lawyers had pleaded for acquittal, arguing that he was without means of control over the expenses incurred. As for Nicolas Sarkozy, his prison sentence will be adjusted.

Finally, with the three-year ineligibility sentence suspended, Philippe Briand will theoretically not be required to give up his mandates as mayor and vice-president of the Métropole de Tours.