“Seven passengers were saved” and evacuated to a hospital in the capital, said the head of the disaster control service.

A terrible traffic accident in Bulgaria. At least 45 people died on the night of Monday November 22 to Tuesday November 23 in Bulgaria in a bus accident carrying North Macedonian nationals.

“Forty-five or forty-six people died” in this drama which occurred around 2 am (midnight French time) on the highway near the village of Bosnek, 40 km south of Sofia, said Commissioner Nikolay Nikolov, head of the disaster control service, which spoke on public television BNT.

“Seven passengers were saved” and evacuated to a hospital in the capital, he said. The cause of the accident could not be determined at this stage. Twelve children were in the vehicle, which was coming from Istanbul and heading for Skopje, according to bTV.

“It is a tragedy. We do not know if all the victims are from North Macedonia, but this is what we assume because the bus is registered in the country”, reacted the Prime Minister of North Macedonia Zoran Zaev, interviewed by Nova television.

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