The look is haggard. His hair is long and graying, like his beard. Nicholas Brendon looks unrecognizable in the photo taken by the Sheriff’s Office in Haute Terre City, Indiana.

A mugshot that immortalizes yet another off the road of the American actor, one of the stars of Buffy the vampire slayer. The now 50-year-old interpreter of the kind Alex was arrested last week after using false documents to obtain prescription drugs.

According to TMZ and People, Nicholas Brendon was arrested while driving his vehicle. Police describe a nervous man with shaking hands who presented them with identification papers that did not bear his name. The actor admitted to taking medication that was not prescribed for him.

He was released after being charged, without his lawyer communicating on the progress of the case. In recent years, the actor has appeared more often in the news items than in the culture pages.

At the time of his arrest, Nicholas Brendon was already under close judicial surveillance. He was on a three-year probation period, negotiated fiercely with a judge to avoid four in jail. He was convicted of hitting his girlfriend in the fall of 2015. That year, he was arrested four times and went through detoxification centers.

Nicholas Brendon seemed to have found a smile on Instagram, where he continues to capitalize on his participation in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A subscriber to conventions where he is paid to meet fans, he also signed up for Cameo. This site allows, for a fee, to receive personalized messages from celebrities. It will cost you 80 euros to hear it say your first name in a video.

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